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The movie "hide and seek" premiere Yang Mi: Wallace Huo beaten especially handsome – Beijing Yang Mi Wallace Huo premiere at the scene according to Beijing, November 1 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Zhang Xi) the evening of 31, the film "hide and seek" hold "cry" world premiere in Beijing, actor Yang Mi, Liu Chang, director and writer Rao Xueman Yang Shupeng so many industry celebrities come for the film site. Yang Mi described the "hide and seek" is a "whole anuria point" movie, "rhythm especially nervous, I sometimes see, screaming." The scene of her second variable fans, Wallace Huo praised the "beating especially handsome", "close the door" to lift more viewing tips on seeking photo. Wallace Huo Liu Chang was "scared" hide palms sweating, bluntly never ride a motorcycle. The famous screenwriter Gu Xiaobai was shocked when I lamented the director of the human heart and human nature, I hope we can have some changes after reading, learn to better get along with themselves. The writer Rao Xueman was deeply moved by the film "you shot lamps and candles of a myriad families, with more cruel to others, others will be more cruel to you." We have appealed to the audience to recommend to the side of this rare good movie. Wallace Huo said he tried another state acting in "hide and seek", continuous seven days of fighting scenes have as many as 200. The number of shots ordinary film 3 times, which is hitherto unknown to him, hope this film can let you see a different Wallace Huo. Wallace Huo and Hailu Qin meet after mapping, no real performance Hailu Qin also talked about the shooting of high drama, is a hitherto unknown test for her acting skills and character, even left a "shooting legacy", only to bring you a really good-looking and thinking of movies. It is reported that the film "hide and seek" will be officially released in November 4th. (end)相关的主题文章: