The most famous fake history, had deceived the Nazi leader Goering

The most famous fake history, had deceived the Nazi leader Goering [Abstract] literary history do not know how much glory, from the humble of anonymous counterfeiters. In the face of unknown hero, each according to the results of others for some pirates, should feel ashamed. Author: Monkey (Shunshou led by Tencent · US columnist) "Monalisa" in the dust had settled, and then a new life yaoezi. As a result, until today, there are people who constantly ask, "Monalisa" missing, whether it was copied. That is to say, the picture hanging in Le Louvre museum today, in the end is not authentic? If not, Le Louvre museum is what defraud the public? Conspiracy theory rooted in a sector of human nature, there is no shortage of political and cultural climate of the market, where no longer pull. It is this picture, have more than one copy handed down, these large museum Prado in Madrid and St Petersburg Eyre Mitas, also has a collection. Left for Le Louvre Museum "Monalisa", right "Al Voss Mona Lisa" in addition to a "Eyre Monalisa", in recent years has also been speculation that this spring, cause a shocking commotion, Shanghai Xintiandi exhibited the. That was one hundred years ago. There was a house in London Eyre Voss collectors, accidentally discovered a character. It was an old noble house, his family ancestors when young, like many dignitaries like children in South Italy, including natural travel. The model in the painting poses a pose similar to Monalisa’s.. It is said that it was by New York tycoon Pulitzer all news. He wrote a book about this painting is in the hand of Da Vinci, and in its own book publishing, argued that that is a painter works earlier, painting is the same person. Repeating the same subject matter is not uncommon among artists. Single Leonardo, "virgin of the rocks" with two handed down a picture; in Le Louvre Museum, another at London’s national gallery. The former is believed to be completed by the painter himself, while the latter has the contribution of an assistant. "Virgin of the rocks", left for the Le Louvre Museum reservoir, the right for the London National Museum of fine arts, this so-called "young Monalisa", later years of refrigerated at a bank in Switzerland, the year before re surfaced, the old words and again. In Singapore, Australia, South Korea, and then Chinese, a road tour. As a layman, this strange monkey is an important discovery in the history of art, London, New York, Paris why the museum will be oozing? This is too modest, courteous speech. I can’t taste this nonsense — Gestapo have careful culture indulge indulge optic, put your hair to the eyebrows singed a – with a basic instinct, a look at the painting that ordinary beautiful red net, also know this thing really is not Cinquecento (meaning that 500. Italy, sixteenth Century). If the identification is authentic, at least can overturn another new theory in recent years: Leonardo · · Finch’s mother is a Chinese, are trafficked to Italy. A fifty year old couple painter, impossible to draw looks twenty year old mother, or this.相关的主题文章: