The most complete office snacks, greedy is not fat (video)-jodie foster

The most complete office snacks, greedy not fat what snacks will not eat fat? Recommended to eat whole wheat foods, fruits, nuts, low-fat dairy products, these foods are not high heat, a strong sense of satiety, is a good diet snacks. While working in the office, she felt no Guadan mouth taste, just want to find some snacks to eat. Potato chips, hot strip…… Is delicious, easy to get angry but may also lead to fat wow ~ today we summarize the most comprehensive office snacks, not only can satisfy their craving, and beverages. So for the classification of snacks, do you really know? Snacks are mainly divided into three categories, the preferred level of snacks will not eat the first grade is the preferred level, is a priority choice of snacks, there are many benefits to the body. For example: apples, bananas, kiwi fruit, nuts, yogurt food. The second level is the "conditions", when eating these snacks is to consider the "conditions", if you have a certain amount of weight exceed the standard, then select "conditions" snacks, these snacks can add some nutrition, but must pay attention to control problems. For example: fish, seaweed, dried fruit, chocolate, saltine crackers, whole grain crackers. The third level is the "restricted class" snacks, these foods can occasionally try to eat more useless. For example: fruit, candy, cookies, puffed food, pickled food. South Korean female group Rainbow rainbow eat snacks? Do not eat fat because of a trick to eat snacks do not gain the skills to understand the level and classification of snacks, want to really eat snacks at the same time can be thin, the key is to eat properly. Learn some small ways to eat snacks, so you do not have to look at and can not eat. 1 skills: with a meal 2 hours apart after a meal to eat snacks 2 hours in order to eliminate hunger, when you eat a meal 2 hours later, you start to hunger, if not to eat some blood sugar things, the people will be trembling, grumpy so, even eat heat higher things. So this time if the intake of some calories, it is more helpful to control weight. Tip 2: buy a small package or self loading for office workers, to 3 in the afternoon the stomach may start a little hungry, if drink tea together with colleagues, eat a lot of snacks, it is easy to lead to obesity. You can choose to buy a small package of snacks, so that they will not be misunderstood and colleagues will not be excessive intake of calories, but also eat snacks. Many businesses in order to meet the health needs of most people now, will put a bag of cookies from the packaging into independent packaging in small parcels, so every time you eat two packets, and then drink plenty of water on it. A lot of people will think to buy bags of cost-effective, there is a small secret, you can buy a bag of his love to eat, and then go home and take it into a packet of a packet is convenient to carry, each time to eat with a bag, and limit yourself to only a day to eat a pack or eat a bag of two days. Call out between colleagues is also, you can share a bowl of dessert two or three people, so that they can eat snacks and lose weight. Tip 3: take 10-15 minutes to eat a lot of people are watching TV or playing mobile phone to understand the greedy to eat snacks, but concentrate on.相关的主题文章: