The Minister Of Employment Ensures That The Photographic Exhibition Round

Business Spain, June 06, 2013 – The Minister of Employment and the Economy of the Government of Castilla-La Mancha, Carmen Casero, has invited all citizens of the region to "make domestic tourism for so much good to have in Castilla -La Mancha and thus get to know our culture and traditions. " This was said during the inauguration of photo exhibition ’round trip’, part of the commemoration of the newspaper The Common of La Mancha, directed by Jaime Quevedo, and will soon release his number 500. According to the minister, the perpetrators of this medium "are an example of daily improvement during the twenty years of life and brilliant career have had and, for sure, will continue for their professionalism". Home has recalled the importance of the customs, culture and traditions of our region "that can be seen in this photographic exhibition reflecting what was Castilla-La Mancha in the late nineteenth and mid-twentieth century." The exhibition can be seen until July 7 at the Museum of Contemporary Art Infanta Elena, the cooperative Virgen de las Vias, Tomelloso, which exhibits a sample of images of the Hispanic Society of America, thanks to the work and effort Studies Center of Castilla-La Mancha. Casero, accompanied by the president of the cooperative Virgen de las Vias, Rafael Torres, the first deputy mayor of the City, Javier Navarro, Mayor of Arenales de San Gregorio and several councilors of the Consistory, said that "this selection of images puts out the richness of landscapes, views, monuments, houses, palaces and customs that have and have had in our region, a sample of images from 1870 to 1940 showed some of the corners of our region. " The exhibition is completed with another section of the images in the exhibition curator and director of the Center for the Study of Castilla-La Mancha, Esther Almarcha with Patrick Lenaghan and Isidro Sanchez, show "the types and poses, daily life and Stereoscopic our region. " New helplines After the opening of the exhibition, the Minister of Employment and the Economy, Carmen Casero, has reported that "the Government of Cospedal approved this morning the launch of two lines of economic aid worth 2.5 million euros for" implement five programs supporting innovation and small and medium business enterprises and their associations with the aim of developing traditional trade Castilla-La Mancha, by promoting competitiveness through innovation, the progressive application of the new technologies, the promotion of performances to open new online markets, the promotion of quality and design as indispensable to achieve modernization and promote business cooperation promoting the contribution of commercial business associations and alliances with the aim of strengthen and make more competitive the commercial fabric of our region. " Also reported that the Government will fund one hundred percent of the salary costs of the new contracts or overtime of workers responsible for opening the twelve opening Sundays or public holidays in our region. Finally, Home has stressed the Government’s commitment to trade Cospedal Castilla-La Mancha as a source of wealth and employment of these two lines framed in economic aid Investment Plan and Employment Creation. Press Contact: Consejeria de Empleo y Economia Media Relations Consejeria de Empleo y Economia Address: Avda Ireland No 14 512-212-1139 [email protected] About the Author: 相关的主题文章: