The merger of urban and rural endowment insurance is the premise of deferred

"The merger of urban and rural endowment insurance" is the indirect tax deferred tax deferred pension insurance fair premise editorial "(tax), direct offset (pensions) good intention, but also to justice as the core starting point. China nearly 10 years of personal tax deferred pension insurance policy, this year is expected to be officially reported to the pilot – the fruits fall off when ripe, since the first one reporting the first tax deferred pension insurance pilot in Shanghai, is expected this year will be formally introduced in the pilot program, which will become a tax reform measure an important breakthrough. The tax deferred pension insurance ", refers to the individual purchase of commercial endowment insurance, the premium is not included in the tax base (i.e. beyond the threshold of taxable income), can be deferred to the retirement (when pensioners) and discretionary pay tax, while the composite spreads are caused in part by this time period the money, or pay less, is to buy endowment insurance products personal finance gives preferential tax. Start a tax deferred pension insurance pilot, the essence is to make a grudge between financial pressure and pension gap dilemma, this is not easy because the past two years, China’s fiscal expenditure pressures continue to increase, while under increasing pressure, start a tax deferred pension insurance pilot, also means that the tax revenue is inevitable although on the surface to reduce reduce the resulting fiscal income can increase the income scale by the insurance company (and increase tax payment) to hedge, but may in fact hedge range is very limited. On the other hand, in China’s pension gap is growing and aging society to accelerate the arrival of the start as soon as the deferred pension insurance pilot, the corresponding increase in the proportion of personal insurance business, is to increase the pension replacement rate, improve the necessary option structure of China’s pension insurance system, but also improve the old-age security system inevitable trend according to published China Academy of Social Sciences "Chinese pension development report 2015", by the end of 2014, only the basic old-age insurance for urban workers gap of up to 1 trillion yuan. During the year will start a tax deferred pension insurance pilot, its indirect tax cuts (tax), directly to make up the gap (pension), the original intention is worthy of recognition. But in the direction of positive, or the need to note that the pilot should be fair for the first landing in the operation process; in addition, more emphasis is laid on the urban and rural pension merger, should become the prerequisite for future tax deferred pension insurance full open. Specifically, a tax deferred pension insurance during the upcoming pilot the limit of 700 January, the quota for the monthly income of million yuan in high-income groups, is part of the incentive effect, but for the yuan monthly income, especially the monthly income of only 4000-6000 yuan of the vast majority of people, the incentive the effect is similar to none. So as to ensure the relative fairness, to fully open the deferred pension insurance policy, it is necessary to clear the area of classification (a second tier city, three or four line city and small town) on the basis of tax deferred pension insurance with the launch of differentiated tax adjustment. Is even more crucial point, a tax deferred pension insurance should be established on the basis of urban and rural pension insurance system. Although China’s urban workers base相关的主题文章: