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The medicine like war! How to let the child take medicine? Sohu baby "wow! Wow! "The little child cold have a fever, mom and dad with, not just worry about the health of the child, more medicine troubles! The mention of medicine, many children head twisting, crying and even the drug, is not willing to go to take the medicine, the medicine physician reminders, do not use brute force, induction is recommended to interactive way, after taking medicine can give a little juice reward, but not with drugs or drinking and collocation. Forced feeding method! Fear of choking cause aspiration pneumonia many children heard the medicine, will produce fear and resistance, the parents of the tricks to come up with every kind of different medicines, especially the older generation with strong irrigation, pinch the nose feeding, spoon hard way of medicine, see the doctor shook his head. Miaoli Daqian General Hospital of Pediatrics director Zhang Taoze said, pinch the nose medicine will lead to breathing and cough, sometimes medication is not through the esophagus into the belly, but strayed into the trachea cause aspiration pneumonia; strong filling behavior would let the children not to hold your breath, brain hypoxia, black face phenomenon. The two are unsafe and dangerous medicines act. Adding milk drink! May hinder the absorption rate, dose not complete some parents in order not to let the hearts of the children left in the shadow, before feeding the drug into powder soak in milk or juice, in order to cover up the smell, improve children’s willingness to take medicine. However, milk powder doped with brewing, may affect the body’s absorption of drug ingredients, and sometimes too much milk, the children cannot drink, lack of drug doses, will delay the recovery rate. Juice with drugs! It is not appropriate to eat at the same time, after drinking can accept in order to improve the child’s acceptance and willingness to study medication, pharmaceutical companies will taste in the production of medicines for children, with the aroma and sweetness, but there are still some drugs due to technical constraints and pharmacological considerations, difficult to adjust the taste of drugs. Dr. Zhang Taoze said, in part with bitter drugs, parents can add a little bit of fructose when given medicines, enough to mask the bitter taste is good, not too much, so it is feasible. As for the juice, doctors said, some fruit juice, especially orange juice and grapefruit juice, syrup, or drug powder and eat at the same time will affect the absorption of the drug, is not recommended. It is acceptable to give fruit juice after a few seconds. The method of drugs hidden in the food, will let the child have a Lenovo, see some food that contains drugs, in the course of time, this medicine will fail, even cause the child to see the food afraid, side effects of food and feeding difficulties. How to make use of props and games so that children can take medicine? Dr. Zhang Taoze said, for children of different ages, correct medication and treatment mode is also different! If the infants under 1 years of age, medication for the sweet good entrance potion, parents can be Straw, dropper feeder or medicine, children taking a higher degree of acceptance. Older children, you can try to let him drink or drink, the drug is still recommended相关的主题文章: