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The Masters golf tournament champion Wu Kangchun won the inaugural ticket Awards – Sports Sohu   October 26th, Beijing springs country club, famous occupation players, two Asian Games champion Wu Kangchun won the "Capital Airlines Cup" golf tournament trophy super. For two years did not participate in the competition he won the first battle, not only won the $30 thousand prize, also gained the title sponsor by Capital Airlines to provide a round-trip ticket to Melbourne grand prix.   for this gift, Wu Kangchun used a series of "thought", "so good?!" Express the feeling of joy. He was the last one to sign up for the game. "I almost did not participate in the Super Championship, I heard that there are already registered friends to talk about the game, I would like to go, at the last minute to sign up." Wu Kangchun came to Beijing from Shijiazhuang at top speed competition, he is looking forward to the new event. "What you are most grateful for is the one who sent you to the competition?!" After the championship, friends have opened his joke. When it comes to the use of ticket awards, Wu Kangchun said: "to come have been very happy, really did not think too much, bonuses and tickets are gift windfall for me." After the game, Wu Kangchun will return to Shijiazhuang, presided over the work of the Golf Institute, until new year’s day will return to Zhuhai. He said that due to busy work, there is little time to accompany his family, 4 year old son and daughter of the age of 8 are in the care of his wife. I want to take my family to go abroad to play a trip, this is a good opportunity. "Wu Kangchun is looking forward to the Super Bowl finals in mid December." Do not know to win the finals is not to be able to get a wife’s ticket?!" He wanted to take a lover to fly, he laughed. At the welcome dinner on day 24, Beijing Capital Airlines Co.Ltd Chairman Xu Xin said: "we hope to use this opportunity to sponsor, combination. Let more people know the capital of aviation aviation enthusiasts, but also hope to be able to open up a new era of China’s Golf capital contribution." In the two day of the game, all players not only show a good spirit and superb technical level, but also to promote the exchange of each other, enhance the friendship. And golf which aims to "create the constant pursuit of truth, goodness and beauty of the world" campaign also coincided with the title sponsor of Capital Airlines has been promoting the corporate brand and the cultural image of a perfect fit. Golf is the foot of the earth, the sky above the head of the movement, it is for all the people who love golf and have the spirit of open arms. Capital aviation Cup Golf masters super tournament belongs to everyone’s stage!相关的主题文章: