The man knocked 4 teeth of workers serving 10 months lost 4 yuan (video)

The man knocked 4 teeth of workers serving 10 months lost 4 yuan newspaper news (chief reporter Zhang Zhijie correspondent Li Jing) because of watching TV this little thing, two workers dispute, a party thrown a plastic bowl, unexpectedly causing the other 4 teeth fall off, a slight injury. In September 29th, the reporter learned from the Changan District court, the man left the bowl was not only the penalty and compensation costs of workers. Jean and Wang is in the same The Springs Hotel migrant workers. The morning of October 10, 2015, ran a restaurant in the hotel room watching television, because Wang TV too loudly asked him to turn down the volume, but he ran a refusal. Wang angrily directly off, two people quarrel. From the restaurant ran a table with a plastic bowl thrown to Wang, Wang just hit the mouth, causing Wang 4 teeth loose. Followed by two others opened, Wang to the hospital and to the public security organs. After judicial identification center, Wang’s injury is minor level. Changan District court accepted the case, taking into account the defendant and the victim Wang ran a Mouyuan Department workers, because of a trivial dispute, itself has no grudges, to completely resolve the contradiction between the two sides, the judge made a lot of coordination. In the judge’s efforts, ran a family initiative raised 15 thousand yuan in damages by the court to give wang. In the trial, ran a for own impulse regret. After the court hearing that ran as a result of a trivial bodily harm, causing minor injuries, his behavior constituted the crime of intentional injury. Because it has confessed the plot, pleaded guilty a good attitude, and actively compensate the victims losses, so according to their sentences, sentenced to imprisonment for 10 months, and in the decision within 5 days after the commencement of compensation for medical expenses, Wang follow-up treatment fees Total 4 yuan. (Xi’an Evening News) Note: video only extended reading. Self built scaffolding workers killed man jailed for ten months

男子打落工友4颗牙 领刑10个月赔4万余元  本报讯 (首席记者张志杰 通讯员李晶) 因为看电视这点儿小事,两名工友发生争执,一方甩出去一个塑料碗,没想到造成对方4颗牙齿脱落,构成轻伤害。9月29日,记者从长安区法院获悉,甩碗的这个人不仅被判刑罚还要赔偿工友各种费用。  冉某和王某是在同一家温泉酒店务工的工友。2015年10月10日上午,冉某在酒店餐厅里看电视,王某因电视声音过大要求他调小音量,但遭冉某的拒绝。王某一气之下直接关掉了电视机,两人因此发生争吵。冉某从餐厅的桌子上拿了一个塑料碗甩向王某,正巧打中王某的嘴部,造成王某4颗牙齿松动脱落。随后两人被其他人拉开,王某到医院就诊并向公安机关报案。后经司法鉴定中心鉴定,王某的损伤程度属轻伤一级。  长安区法院受理该案后,考虑到被告人冉某与被害人王某原系工友关系,因为琐事发生纠纷,本身并无积怨,为彻底化解双方矛盾,办案法官做了大量的协调工作。在法官的努力下,冉某家属主动筹集了1.5万元赔偿款通过法院转交给王某。庭审中,冉某为自己的一时冲动追悔不已。  法院经审理认为,冉某因琐事伤害他人身体,致人轻伤,其行为构成故意伤害罪。因其有坦白情节,认罪态度良好,又能积极赔偿被害人损失,故依法对其从轻处罚,判处有期徒刑10个月,并在判决生效后5日内赔偿王某医疗费、后续治疗费等相关费用共4万余元。(西安晚报)注:视频仅为扩展阅读。 自建脚手架摔死工友 男子获刑十个月相关的主题文章: