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46 English listening in the English expression of kick ass A: you fixed my great Wow computer in less than minutes. You re good. 10 "Wow! You less than ten minutes fixed my computer! You are great! B: Yep. I just kick ass. is the great I am! Buy that believe I don’t she’ll that. She born yesterday, you know. I don’t think she’ll believe it in, buy wasn’t. You know, she’s not that easy. There you go! You’re right. A: It ‘s so beautiful, I definitely will come back again. B: There you go There yougo said this! So I agree with what you said, you’re right. The meaning of Without further ado in the YouTube video in this sentence we often hear in the point before sometimes, with such a " Without further ado, let’s get started." the meaning of this sentence is similar to "cut the crap, let us begin." That ‘ll be the day. that may not even happen this sentence means similar to " That " s "impossible! It" t or " can " be true!, the speaker in saying this expression is a strong negation. Probably. It ‘s up in air. the probably, but not sure yet. In addition " s up in the; It air." playful turning method is: " yet! " for example someone asks you, " Are you dating Jennifer now? " (you and Jennifer at the beginning of the date?) you can answer, " It ‘; s up in the air." (yet!) Okay. Just checking. well, I just with hainan. This sentence should belong to the more commonly used sentence. Same here. me too相关的主题文章: