The ID card should be lost immediately icesword

The loss of the ID card to make it immediately broke the news from the Ministry of public security, said the Ministry of public security has completed the failure of the resident identity card information system, and recently on-line trial run. The information system has real-time data update and dynamic maintenance functions, through the various departments and units of the social networking verification, the realization of all lost identity card instant failure. Beijing news had previously commented on the article, so that the loss of the ID card is invalid, can not be dragged, called for the establishment of a real ID card failure system, and now the new regulations of the Ministry of public security clearly echoes the appeal. ID card lost, or stolen, then how to do? In the past, because they can not immediately canceled, leading some fraudulent use of identity information of others to reap the benefits. Often appear in recent years of telecommunications fraud, many sources had been stolen identity cards, such as the use of lost ID card, bank card fraud to sell temporary ID card mobile phone repair cut away the bank SMS verification code to steal money. The public has been lost for fraudulent use of identity cards that 100 knots, and administration departments often only to remind the public to enhance awareness of security trouble, it can not help but suspect that the administration is not in the transfer, or even shirk responsibility? This time, the Ministry of public security in response to public concern and public concern, the establishment of a new system to achieve the immediate failure of stolen identity cards, it is worth affirming. Of course, this progress is reflected in the technical level, but more progress is reflected in the change of the concept of public management, i.e., all the management aim must service rather than control, only make people more convenient and more secure than the opposite. Very simple, citizen identity information system is not just a tangible card documents, but also includes public security platform information. Lost ID card, the platform can not lose information. If the bank, credit business and other departments and units can share the information, then the fraudulent use of the chance of detection and much more. This involves opening up the Department of information barriers. It can be said that a lot of impersonation identity information, including many fraud information, it is a loophole. Public management this pipe section type, will inevitably lead to "information blind", thus leaving time and space for the manipulation of fraud. Visible, overwhelmed by the operation of the new system, it is also necessary to further break the barriers to information, open and sharing of information between departments. One, the relevant management departments should open the information to the card department, and gradually achieve networking, information sharing. If, as before, each with their own information, then the failure can only be an empty talk. Furthermore, the failure of the system covering the whole country, all the relevant units and departments related to the real name system, the operation of all departments need to work together, is not a matter of public security. Industry and commerce, banking and other departments should also take the initiative as an open port, docking system. In the final analysis, the system is still the most basic platform. In addition, also requires the use of each card unit to check the authenticity of documents, to prevent fraudulent use of identity card of others. In particular, the interests of citizens involved in the behavior, in particular, to strengthen prevention. The Ministry of public security, the relevant responsible person said earlier, will be in conjunction with the relevant departments for the fraudulent use of identity card personnel.相关的主题文章: