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Holidays If you are considering buying a property in France then you could do a lot worse then buying one in the beautiful city of Limoges in the heart of the Haute Vienne Region of France, says Dave of The city has an overall population of about 150,000 which includes a large number of students. This province used to be pretty remote but now thanks to the City’s airport the whole of the Haute Vienne and the entire Limousin region is now very much reachable by budget airlines. Budget airlines fly into Limoges from Liverpool, East Midlands, and Stanstead and we believe a Luton service may be commencing operations shortly. Any part of the province is only a maximum of 45 minutes away from the airport. The arrival of new visitors and tourists has had a positive effect on the economy of the town. There are a wide selection of restaurants and bars and business is booming for the traditional porcelain shops. Porcelain being a traditional craft associuated with this part of France. If you are considering buying property in the City please be aware that prices for Limoges property are more expensive than the rest of the Haute Vienne Region. Small towns and villages such as Le Dorat, Bellac, and Saint-Junien maybe better options if you are interested in a more sleepy way of life as typically, those that buy in the region are looking for a quiet life. The region is popular with Britains looking for retirement homes. However, there are really a mixture of people coming to the region from youngsters looking to get onto the career ladder to people just about to retire. There is some good news if you are looking to ‘working from home’ ,as Limoges is tipped to become a ‘cyber centre’ and the telecommunications infrastrucure will be 21st century. The region is ideal for country activities as there is an abundanceof rivers and streams, rich countryside, scenic walks, nature watching and time can be spent exploring chateaux, churches and historic medieval architecture. A word of warning though as winter can be very quiet in the region, so the province may only suit some people looking for summer holiday homes. If you are property refurbisher then the Haute Vienne could be what you need as there are there are plenty of houses to be found that are in need of some work. If you are looking for a refurbishment project you will easily find something in the Haute Vienne Region of France. If you are fed up of a fast lifestyle and looking for a property that is relatively inexpensive, perhaps in need of work, and with plenty of country living thrown in, the Haute Vienne Region of France could be just the property spot for you. Further information on buying your own Haute Vienne Hideaway can be obatined from .hauteviennehideaways.. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: