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The general manager was sacked strong to shares of first instance embezzlement jailed – Beijing executives of a company holds 13 million yuan worth of shares in the company, was suddenly dismissed, what should he do? Wang Wenyou’s choice is the worst one: the use of violent means to grab the company’s seal, and then forged the financial chapter, signed a false contract, the company will be 12 million 800 thousand yuan on account of his name. After the first instance was sentenced to 13 years in prison for embezzlement, Wang Wenyou remained firmly convinced that I was innocent! I got my own money! His agent case Beijing is still the right law firm partner Gao Wenlong lawyer said, although the trial court to correct a trial on charges, commuted to three years, but the parties as a well-known, in the photovoltaic industry had seen the world professional staff are not familiar with the law so as to make the legal person or occupation he regrets. The general manager was dismissed and forced to turn away 12 million 800 thousand years of the photovoltaic industry closely support stride forward singing militant songs in the national industrial policy, Wang Wenyou was on the peak of life. Steeped in this industry for many years, a large number of industry cutting-edge techniques, make him look like a duck in the rapid development of the whole industry in. 2011, Wang Wenyou and Beijing, a Asset Management Co venture in the process, the two sides jointly set up a new company, specializing in the production and operation of photovoltaic products. The other did not allow the king to invest, but gave him 10%, the value of $13 million stake, as a position incentive, which is valued in his position in the industry and technical capabilities. But in such a good times don’t last long, by the technical staff and business cooperation in the enterprise, both from the beginning of the company’s business operation exists large difference in concept, the constant bickering. Eyes looked after the honeymoon, will make a break up. Sure enough, when growing in contradiction to bridge differences, the new company held a provisional shareholders meeting, Wang Wen will direct a line in the end: the legal representative, directors, general manager, an all zero was left. After the meeting, the company gave him three days to transfer work. The establishment of the company has been full of youthful spirit, soon he was completely and never mind. With Wang Wenyou not willing to sit still: after all and his company 10% shares, 13 million yuan, placed in any people’s eyes, this is not a small number. But how can I think this should be my money? No other people’s help certainly not, but one has been removed from office, only 3 days, the transition period, the former leader, the company will be able to talk to someone to listen to it? There is a: a company project manager Wang Meng, he is the King Wen’s cousin, cousin has only to say Wang Wenyou was the company’s legal representative and general manager, even if he is a boy, Wang Meng too loyal. The company’s office is responsible for the custody of the staff the next day directly to the face of Wang Meng, he came to seal. Do not give? Direct hands-on. Under the staff be caught off guard was beaten into a slight injury, the seal was also robbed. In just three days, from the grab seal 0相关的主题文章: