The future of the insurance industry will intensify the differentiation of small and medium enterpri-solid converter

The future of the insurance industry will be exacerbated by the differentiation of small and medium enterprises should adhere to the specialized and fine Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! With the supervision of the insurance industry upgrade, the future differentiation will increase, many small and medium-sized insurance company how many small and medium-sized insurance company talent shows itself, become a "master" need to face and think. Recently, the Securities Times reporter interviewed Ding and property insurance chairman Wang Xiaojin, she said, the small and medium-sized insurance companies adhere to their differences in management of the road is conducive to long-term stable development, Ding and insurance the choice of "fine" and "small and beautiful" development road, to become an expert type insurance company power in the field of. Adhere to the differences in the operation of the Road Securities Times reporter: many small and medium-sized insurance company performance pressure is very large, you think the company’s development and industry competitors compared to how? Wang Xiaojin: now some small and medium-sized insurance companies especially some regional and industrial insurance company, in the income scale, input costs, institutional selection, solvency will choose a relative steady development strategy, the characteristics of a suitable for small and medium-sized insurance company "small boat U-turn, avoid excessive back prematurely the burden of operating, at any time can be adjusted according to the market changes and development strategy; on the other hand, and also avoid the large insurance companies have a positive competition, is such a development path and the choice of insurance ding. After all, through the expansion of the scale and other means and the competition for small and medium-sized insurance companies do not have the advantage, adhere to their own differences in the road is conducive to the long-term stable development of the company. In the tripod and insurance ownership structure, the power of shareholders play an important role. Ding and insurance company is co founded by the China Souther Grid Corp and Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan, Guizhou, Hainan five provincial Power Grid Corp and China Southern Power Grid finance limited national property insurance company. Overall, the company’s development over the past eight years, compared with other companies in the industry is the biggest feature of both scale and efficiency, not blindly do big and full model. Take special and refined Road Securities Times reporter: the development of small and medium insurance companies to take the differences and characteristics of the model, then the difference and the characteristics of the business model is what? Wang Xiaojin: there is a big gap between the small and medium sized insurance companies in terms of the overall resources and capabilities, and in order to survive in the fierce market competition, it is necessary to establish professional expertise and management characteristics. Therefore, the choice of insurance and insurance to go "special and refined" development path. Small companies can not compete with large companies brand, network layout, to break through, we must find their core customer base, in a niche market to establish a competitive advantage. We learn from the advanced experience of domestic and foreign insurance companies, based on the "customer centered" concept, divide the customers into electric power enterprises, individual members and market customers three group, respectively, to build power market members, three business segments, focusing on the construction of three major business development characteristics, this is our current location for their own the insurance industry is a major exploration, namely to become experts in the field of electric type insurance company. theory相关的主题文章: