The future family entrance has opened the door from the market Jingdong – the recent science and tec vy canis majoris

The future family Jingdong has opened the entrance door from the recent market – Sohu technology wise things (public No.: zhidxcom), the market value has now cometlen Jingdong to $38 billion scale, compared to the 2014 May landing the NYSE listing nearly $26 billion in market capitalization, growth of more than $12 billion, has become one of the giants of the Internet China hundred-percent. The last impression in the Chinese Internet circle Jingdong has been hit more and faster, better, high quality BtoC business, technology reach the consumption level part is not much, now this impression is quietly changing, intelligent Jingdong accumulated 2 years later, this kind of buzz is through the speakers entrance level intelligent Home Furnishing products, seize the golden period of speech technology with artificial intelligence, intelligent Home Furnishing development, has become a potential winner of this race. Now Zhang Chen led by the Jingdong CTO business system, including the Jingdong, the Jingdong of Intelligent Cloud and big data and other core business; intellectual things (public No.: zhidxcom) recently has the Jingdong group CTO Zhang Chen, 3C Department of Jingdong President Hu Shengli, iFLYTEK Research Institute Deputy Dean Wang Zhiguo, Ding Dong sound behind Ling long technical team leader and intelligent Jingdong responsible for the in-depth interview; trying to solve the Jingdong in the field of intelligent voice complete layout and vision. (Jingdong CTO Zhang Chen) Jingdong Jingdong, a smart outlet layout driven in the next ten years will not exceed three business lines: business, financial and technical services, technical business direction includes Jingdong intelligence, cloud computing, big data and other services. This is the founder of Jingdong Liu Qiangdong at the beginning of the year, said the ten year old club Jingdong strategy. Jingdong, formerly known as intelligent Jingdong JD+ intelligent hardware service platform launched in early 2014, is definitely regarded as a pioneer in the domestic intelligent hardware industry. Zhang Chen cited a few business Jingdong now mainly promote smart team, one is to establish a platform for the exchange of intelligence equipment microunion; two is Ling long intelligent speaker products of science and technology; and an intelligent refrigerator products, in the Jingdong of smart office area on the tested products. And the buzz around the micro speaker, they also use the conference room specially built for a display model. Why choose audio interactive intelligent speaker as smart home entrance? Zhang Chen believes that the current interactive use of intelligent products is not natural enough, the future of mobile phones is difficult to become smart home entrance. The second half of 2014, intelligent hardware is the fire, many companies are doing, but every intelligent hardware need a mobile phone APP control, then there is a "super APP", but the dependence on mobile phone is too high, especially when you are at home, voice control can get rid of this point. In fact, the technology development is an important opportunity for the development of artificial intelligence 60 years window, executive vice president Wang Zhiguo iFLYTEK Research Institute said: "in the past 60 years, the three wave of artificial intelligence, before the two wave are not open the real revolutionary change, but because of the depth of the learning to bring the tide is out of the ordinary, it affects the deep.相关的主题文章: