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The fox "summer" Songyun Tan Jiang Chao fired the tug of war – Jiang Chao Sohu entertainment lies in the interpretation of overbearing president, Tan Songyun Jiang Chao, directed by Zhang Xin, starring Wang Yanzhi et al Department of school youth idol drama "Adorable fox summer" Trailer first exposure. The play tells lies transmitter "Miss Fox" and "white rabbit," a human lie detector, from incompatible to the closer the funny love story. The fox "summer" Tan Songyun Jiang Chao started the first exposure film drama "tug of war lies the summer" today the first trailer exposure, the play tells the love story of lies "Fox transmitter Miss" and "white rabbit," a human lie detector. The play, Tan Songyun played the Li Yan book lies constantly, the ancient spirit demon; Jiang Chao’s Gu Chengze is a lie will produce a variety of allergic reaction to blunt BOY. Weird girl lies against the upright Verne cleanliness BOY, a lie and expose the lies of the tug of war kicked off, jokes constantly. Kang Xi youth film dimension on-line brain hole wide open to create a youthful temperament published since Kang Xi pictures will create "youth pie series", "Fox’s summer" flower for the first time exposure pictures, Kang Xi youth dimension officially launched. In addition to the brain hole and strive to create a book like Gu Chengze and Li Yan extreme character a diffuse sense outside, every character has its specific character. After the chief producer, he said, in the establishment of characters, we will be the breakthrough point in the youth and the two dimensions of culture linked. The concept of youth dimension, but also our youth faction series is different from the market on the same theme of Youth Theme highlights. "Youth" "" the drama rush of that year is mainly in a nostalgic image of youth, and our youth camp in the series each of the works is the flagship of CP or combinations of individual characters, fusion dimension concept, do is a youthful temperament.相关的主题文章: