The first section report Tang God cut 16 two pools made warriors 33-20 clippers – Sports Sohu 9c8996

The first section report: Tang God cut 16 two pools made warriors 33-20 clippers – Sports Sohu Beijing time on February 21st, the NBA regular season continues, the usher in a strong confrontation yesterday defeat to Portland’s defending champion warriors at the Staples Center challenges the clippers. The first session of the game, the Clippers get the ball, small Jordan assists Paul layup success, Thompson retaliated with a ball. Barnes and curry three points outside each into a ball, warriors 10-4 lead. The Clippers didn’t hit very well, and the warriors shared the 19-8 points. Suspend the return after the Clippers clear attack inside, Paul scored, and the cause of Library personal second fouls, the Clippers to 17-23. Thompson became the warrior power, led the warriors to play a wave of 7-1 attacks to re-establish a 10 point lead. At the end of the first match, the warriors are 33-20 ahead. The starting lineup: Warriors curry, Thompson, Barnes, Green rush, the Clippers: Paul, Reddick, Pearce, Bamot, Jordan (Mu Tong)

首节战报:汤神砍16分库里两犯 勇士33-20快船-搜狐体育  北京时间2月21日,NBA常规赛继续进行,西部迎来一场强强对抗,昨天惨败于开拓者队的卫冕冠军勇士队作客斯台普斯中心挑战快船队。   首节比赛开始,快船得到球权,小乔丹助攻保罗上篮成功,汤普森回敬一球。巴恩斯和库里三分线外各进一球,勇士10-4领先。快船的命中率不是很好,而勇士这边水花兄弟联手砍分,19-8。暂停回来后,快船明确攻击内线,保罗连续得分,且造成库里个人的第二次犯规,快船追至17-23。汤普森成为勇士助力,率领勇士打出一波7-1攻击重新建立10分的领先优势。第一节比赛结束,勇士33-20领先对手。   首发阵容   勇士队:库里、汤普森、拉什、巴恩斯、格林   快船队:保罗、雷迪克、皮尔斯、巴莫特、小乔丹   (牧童)相关的主题文章: