The fire and explosion case tar note 7 Samsung seems to Henzhao. vidalia

The fire and explosion case tar Note 7 Samsung seems to Henzhao Sina mobile phone news on September 12th morning news, Samsung Note 7 one after another explosion, not only caused the global attention of users, including the airport, the South Korean government even Samsung in their own tips, do not use the mobile phone at any time will be dangerous. And Samsung has been in the world (except outside Chinese) recall Note7, and no replacement of the user to stop using Note7. However, due to the purchase of Note 7 as much as possible, resulting in the slow progress of the replacement, the explosion occurred again. According to foreign media reports, the user Linda Lewis grandson is using Note7 to watch the video, a sudden fire and explosion, causing the boy hand injury. After the event, Linda rushed to the hospital children. At present, the injured boy has returned home, but he said he did not want to see any cell phone. Previously, Samsung has made it clear that due to the presence of explosive hazards, announced the recall of about 2 million 500 thousand Note7 sold, but there are still like Linda Lewis this user indifferent. Samsung has decided to issued an ultimatum in September 30th after Samsung will remotely lock all batteries hidden Note 7 in other words, if you don’t change it, 7 Note will be unable to use your hands. The "replacement", if not to use Note 7, users can choose to replace a Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 edge Samsung will refund the price difference, plus a $25 gift card. For temporarily out of stock in the region, Samsung can provide users with a free Galaxy J use, until the user successfully replace the Note 7 without battery hazards. It is reported that the recall of these problems may make the Samsung Note 7, a loss of $1 billion, while Samsung only reluctantly cut the heart "to describe the loss. (Regal)相关的主题文章: