The fair digital museum to lift the high-tech products experience boom-onavo protect

The fair digital museum to lift the high-tech products experience boom has the reputation of Hefei city of science and education, in this year’s Fair will bring to the audience a number of high-tech products, "four children farming" Discovery Museum, eye identification instrument, intelligent piano, BOX theater exhibition project will give the audience a unique audio-visual experience. Wave can "sow" hands over the "rain" of this fair, which is a China first entertaining platform "four children plow" explore the museum, will bring fun for kids to experience farming culture. "Chinese culture rooted in the farming culture, but now many of the children from the city on this one are not familiar with, such as the 24 solar term memory kids will feel more boring, in the course of study, so we put the 24 solar term into a maze, kids need to follow the 24 solar term arrangement law in order to get out of the maze. We will, in every aspect of a maze of clues, such as snow, snow will use multimedia sound means to create atmosphere, in this process of exploration, the children will feel very interesting, and it will be the spread of knowledge." The museum, Hefei Jinnuo digital Polytron Technologies Inc responsible person told the Hefei evening news, Hefei city network reporter revealed. It is understood that the "four children farming" explore Museum exhibition exhibition center in the main hall of the core of the Digital Museum District, the total exhibition area of 135 square meters, into the "four Tong farming" explore the museum exhibition, the audience as if into a fairy tale world garden, special landscape environment as a whole building device issued pastoral fun. Digital multimedia technology to present "the growth of all things", "on the water" and "worm champion" the main exhibition of exquisite picture, through the VR virtual reality, somatosensory interaction techniques, combined with the ancient water simulation model with actual situation, has the rich interaction and knowledge. Jinnuo technology related staff also introduced, participating in, they will lead to a 30 meter long "painting" the growth of all things, painting will desert and wetland ecological environment and presents a different and unique species of animals and plants. When the audience approached, gestures can be caused by weather, geography, plants, animals and other ecological changes, the experience of waving sowing, hand turning rainfall and other interesting scenarios. "Everything" growth "is passed to the ecosystem concept, kids can through experience, to understand the regularity of natural circulation and species knowledge as well as the top children’s illustrator depicts the beautiful scene, and enjoy the art can bring the children of beauty edification." Want to know the great physicist Stephen Hocking suffering from muscular dystrophy with eye "keyboard" like Hocking, can not speak, nor make gestures, still writing and speaking, what’s on this? The answer is the eyes, in fact, through the eye movements of the virtual keyboard, typing, which is one of the application of eye recognition technology. "This product is called eye movement recognition device, when we look at the eyes of the balloon on the screen, the machine will automatically capture the location of our pupils, so that the balloon disappeared on the screen." Exhibitors, Hefei exploration Automation Co., Ltd., director of Zheng Jun, said the road, Zhuo相关的主题文章: