The European tour how European tour the second gold operation Lower level players more opportunities

The European tour | European tour of the second list of how to operate? The bottom of the players more opportunities – Sohu sports Beijing time on November 17th, with the launch of the Rolex series, the European tour also announced the channel ranking (Access List). The core of the ranking points include: top ten players can ensure that the 2018 season European tour card, the top three players of different nodes can participate in the Rolex series, the following let us look at the details of the European tour. Members of the European Tour – including those who graduated from the Challenge Tour and qualifying schools – through the passage of the channel throughout the year 2017, will have a greater opportunity to ensure that the 2018 season European tour card. With the Dubai channel Ranking Competition simultaneously, but would be out of the European Tour season winning gold rich tournament winnings, including seven Rolex series, the US Masters, the United States PGA Championships and four World Golf championships. However, the British Open and the US Open prize will be included in the channel rankings, because all the members have the same opportunity in the trials of these events. At the end of the season, the top ten players in the channel, if failed to qualify for the final Dubai tournament, will be able to secure the next season. At the same time, the total number of members of the Dubai competition will be reduced from the current 110 to 100 people, while the channel ranking players will be followed by the category in the Dubai competition ranked after the 100. Channel ranking performance of the most outstanding players at the same time have the opportunity to compete in the Rolex series with world-class masters. BMW European Championships (May 25th to 28), the Irish open (from July 6th to 9) and the Italy open (from October 12th to 15) will be the number of places to the channel at the time of the top three players in the channel (see article) to the top three players. The European tour CEO Keith Paley (Keith Pelley) said: "we have always said we want to maintain the interests of all its members, regardless of their rank is the number, which is the primary task for us. Channel ranking is an important part of commitment."   相关的主题文章: