The envy of Longhu aunt a monthly income of twenty thousand The real winners are them (video)-lara fabian

The envy of Longhu aunt a monthly income of twenty thousand? They are the real winners after gold aunt, aunt square dance aunt real estate stocks and the birth of a new backbone of Longhu aunt secret Zhengzhou property room of Longhu aunt phenomenon, a monthly salary of twenty thousand ultra white (poke video, understand Longhu aunt earning twenty thousand puzzle) already existed in the real estate industry in Zhengzhou Longhu aunt is not a secret to their electric cars, three wheeled motorcycle "weapon" to the door, the sales department crossroads and personnel intensive areas "according to" whether you are shopping or leisure showings passing they will enthusiastically volunteered to "spend money to invite you to see a dozen projects not only. Please send some packets, the only requirement is to eat lunch in the sales center for half an hour so they can from the cooperative property taking hands to get the corresponding bonus. As for developers to find housing support Navy token phenomenon in the industry is the unspoken secret agent, and has formed a real estate business support – one-stop sales chain false prosperity not only to heighten the atmosphere is to rally, pushing up housing prices especially when the real estate opening please support at please have thousands of tens of thousands of "penny" buy "call" to "call" sell "to make a lot of money"! This can not help but suspect that some time ago the panic room tide in seconds and a turnover in a really fake ah…… but can not afford housing for small tube it high and low prices so that our daily toil workers more heart is stuffed with Longhu aunt pay monthly salary 20 thousand, is not capped!!! Today infraredimages: Zhengzhou small abandoned underground cold and shivering today hot smell: 90 girls beauty a beauty needle right eye blindness risk unexpectedly in Shangqiu net exposure of two female college students dormitory in Zhengzhou Longhai Road brawl truth exposure Zijingshan road crane operation site serious congestion Henan billionaire murder 16 years after the acquisition of new DNA card the man in the treatment of heart is not happy at the nurse beaten hair相关的主题文章: