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" telephone gate " ten years down the small world cup " " " " weight loss; save the Serie A? Beijing – "telephone gate" ten years down the "small world" once, Serie A dubbed the "small world" reputation, very popular, but ten years ago, Italy "Milan sports newspaper" the exposure of the former Juventus general manager Moggi and the referee designated member calls between Serie A in Serie A, exposed individual teams by selecting the control referee to match-fixing, because the team’s telephone recording as evidence of exposure, is reported, it is referred to as the "telephone gate" event. Although the Calciopoli outbreak of the year, AC Milan broke into the semi-finals of the Champions League, and the Italy national team is in the unlikely case of miraculously won the world cup champion, but in the next season Milan AC even won the Champions league! However, at that time almost a serie a final glory, and then inter won the Champions League champion 2009-2010 season under the leadership of Mourinho, the more is considered to be the last radiance of the setting sun. The phone door for Serie A effect is quite profound, Juventus serie a downgrade led to become "Star Supermarket" has been rampant poaching. In addition, due to the decline in the credibility of the League leading to the reputation of Italy football damage, the reduction in investment and sponsorship of football in Italy, and further accelerate the decline of Serie A. Many serie a team due to their own economic strength, the problem is difficult to survive. In this regard, a group of Italy football reformers have been seeking to change, want to bring back the Italy football again, the small world cup brilliant. According to the "Italy football" news, said the Italy Football Association President Kobita Vecchio in an interview, he will further reduce the number of Serie A team plan, he believes that if the league can be reduced to 18 teams, will improve the overall quality of the league. The 73 year old Kobita Vecchio in 2014 with 63.63% votes to beat AC Milan legend Albertini, was elected as the new president of any league, he previously served as president of the Italy Amateur League for 15 years. After he took office as president of the Italy Football Association, has been advocated to reduce the number of teams in the league, but his plan was opposed by many people. When asked to reduce the number of teams to 18 teams after what benefits, Kobita Vecchio said, "for each team, their technical and tactical level can be improved, the number of fans will increase. It is clear that it will not be possible to implement a plan to reduce the number of teams in just one year, which will take four to five years." Kobita Vecchio also said that the number of the team Italy three league will need to re arrangement, "according to the plan, there will be 18 teams in Serie A, Serie B and 20 teams, Serie C will be divided into two groups, each group of 20 teams." West China Metropolis Daily reporter Yan Wenwen serie a really depressed stand half empty now how bad the Serie A? Look at these data 20162017 new season, it can let you be startled at. Attendance: only 51% dew相关的主题文章: