The default is at odds with Yang Mi bestie Tang Yan don’t want to talk about it more.-tinyos

The default is at odds with Yang Mi bestie? Tang Yan: don’t talk about the matter of Tang Yan Tang Yan, Yang Mi data figure Sina entertainment news October 31st news, according to Hongkong media reports, the mainland actress Tang Yan [micro-blog] recently served as a brand ambassador to Hong Kong, earlier propaganda, she said because of work did not go to play everywhere, but eat fish face love very satisfied. She later went to Shanghai to continue to shoot the film, the European Raiders, for the first time with Tony Leung [micro-blog] cooperation, she admitted that the other eye power amazing, she also likes this type of attractive man. The single she is looking forward to dating, ask a friend Yang Mi [micro-blog] is a good introduction? She said she was too busy to meet. Refers to the "before China good girlfriends in trouble, ask her how the relationship between the two? Tang Yan doesn’t want to talk about it and wants to focus on her work. For the first time Tang Yan served as ambassador, she knew it was a great event in the club, so I feel very honoured, 6 next month at Sha Tin Racecourse at the international tournament, if prompted she would bet his luck, and said many years ago shoot costume has contacted the horse, but the horse general technology. This time she took a series of activities for publicity photos, can wear a different gorgeous hat, excited. "I usually like a fisherman hat cap, but the date of each clothes are the collocation hat design special, looks very noble." Recently busy shoot "European Raiders" she played a skill good girl in the play, two months before she began studying martial arts with the master, fortunately not injured during the shooting, every day more to Tony Leung’s magic eye to her, corona, she said: "he was super good, will chat with me before the shooting, and will ask the crew to eat." Compared to the previous "bounty hunters" Lee Min Ho [micro-blog], the other guy is young, but she is kind of manly love Tony Leung. Now she is still single, admitted for several years not get married, so good looking. She was in 2014 when pal Yang Mi Bridesmaid at the wedding, the other received more throws the bouquet, asked Yang Mi to have a good introduction? Tang Yan that is too busy recently, two people have no chance to meet. They are not in the past, is still a good friend? Tang Yan did not want to talk about, just want to make more good films, because she was too fond of acting, so 4 years before the establishment of the studio, making their own love movie next year, plans are filming or filming, so dating or married, let it be. (commissioning editor: Jun Weng fishing)相关的主题文章: