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The cloud of the ancient highway: Qin Shuyun stack [Abstract] along the path along the cliff and cliff stone and stone, such as "cloud stack first insurance" and "wall Maninsan" and "Guanyin stone", "board from no risk", "Jia Zhongcheng calcined stone Bilu", "insurance for easy" the famous Tang Dynasty poet Bai Juyi’s "song" cloud: "the yellow wind scattered bleak, cloud stack circuitous mount Jiange." Mean, the wind blowing the dust very desolate, Boardwalk winds twists and turns all the way to the Sichuan Jiange. "Song" is a long narrative poem in Bai Juyi’s famous work, in 806 BC, the poem vividly describes Tang Xuanzong and Yang’s love tragedy, it is also in this poem, first appeared in the "cloud stack" is a word. The Qing Dynasty Zhang Bangshen Ji Cheng "cloud stack" cloud: "cloud stack for Qin Shu throat, and dangerous Ju, with people than on the sky, into the caves, natural sites of different smell, there are many," shuijingzhu "and" attractionszhi "the book of the century." "Cloud stack map": the longest path along the cliff painting tuchan emperor Liu Bang to the palace ruins of ancient Hanvon to "cloud stack" draw the path along the cliff figure such as Wang Hui Qing Dynasty, Yun Shouping "flower landscape of" closing the book "cloud stack map" (Kangxi eleven years painting), Lianfen "cloud stack map" scroll, modern on behalf of the painter Lu Yanshao (1909-1993) "cloud stack map", Zhu Moldova (1913-2002) "cloud stack map", the "cloud stack map" is the "Maple Valley carving flying in deep autumn cold, lvman surprised. Clouds of the dangerous stack, cloud complex thousand "project of plank road landscape, belong to the painting, as a map of the" cloud stack map "is by the Qing emperor Kangxi six years of Shaanxi Baoji party apartments completed. "Cloud stack map" by the Qing emperor Kangxi six years in Shaanxi Baoji people party DrayTek completed party DrayTek map "of" cloud stack by color rendering, the combination of landscape painting, depicting the present Shaanxi Liuba Tiefo Temple South Jiepai customs – Mianxian Town, Hanzhoung city road section praise natural and human landscape, vividly. The plank road along the undulating hills, trees, boulders, rivers emergency situation, the relevant AI bridge, Dipu Inn, city landscape, stone stone inscriptions and other names, such as the big tiger, Jiepai customs clearance, ten miles off, head off, Shi Ti Ling Ma Po, soil, trapped, closed a bridge, green bridge, twelve bridges, five shop, shop, mulberry canal bridge shop, shop, green water, green Qiao Yi tiger shop, twenty shop, Baozipu, general shop, stone, stone, fire bath stone, swallow ten stone, stone Guanyin, "Han Xiao Han chase This letter tablet "," Jia Zhongcheng Bilu calcined stone "monument," xiuzhan monument ", Hanzhoung house, Baocheng County, water, river, road," the old stack dam, seven store, Hu Jia Zhuang, Ma Ping Si, thanks to Taiwan, which has important artistic and historical value. The relevant AI bridge, Dipu Inn, city landscape, stone stone inscriptions and other names according to the Hanzhoung City Museum von Mr. Sui Ping introduced the solicitation, from Baoji folk in the last century, 80s paper, Aya mounted, 762 cm long, 42 cm wide, than the "Shaanxi border map" is 90 cm long Sichuan that is the scale of the longest path along the cliff map painted scroll, now in the possession of the Hanzhoung Museum of Shaanxi (ancient Hantai). The existing Liuba county Wu Hugh off the south to Hanzhoung City Jiepai section, which belongs to the North (Qin Zhan) Lianyun stack stack the south, above the Kang)相关的主题文章: