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The charm of Mount Huangshan ink – tourism Sohu focussed on May 1989, the first Mount Huangshan board, excited, when young, up and down all along the way to climb, the scenery is amazing! At that time, there is no cell phone, he also has no camera, with the pen ready to pick up the paper, all the way forward, all the way through the painting, with a pen and ink to record the beautiful scenery of Mount Huangshan. Unfortunately, after twenty-seven years of change, Mount Huangshan draft draft only found a few, really left a lot of regret. Mount Huangshan is located in the territory of Anhui in southern Huangshan City Province, there are 72 peak, lotus peak, 1864 meters above sea level, with the top light, day peak and peak said three Mount Huangshan. Mount Huangshan is the world’s cultural and natural heritage, the world geological park, ten is the best in all the land, only China scenic mountain scenery. Mount Huangshan representative of the landscape "four three waterfall", four: cison, rocks, sea of clouds and hot springs; three waterfall: you, Baizhang spring, Jiulong bao. Mount Huangshan Ming praise: "the famous Traveler Xu Xiake to thin at home and abroad, such as the emblem of free Mount Huangshan. Mount Mount Huangshan, no mountain, Guanzhi yi!" Was later extended to "five Yues return from Mount Huangshan guilaibukan". Mount Huangshan is not only the peak of the sea, or the sea of clouds, pine sea. Climb more than 1 thousand and 800 meters above the overview, in the mountains together Qi, cliff Maninsan 1000, pull tower, Zhengrong Cui wei. In a pine cliff odd, rocks in Qi Yan, Feng smoke in the sink was filled, Xiacai streamer on the rock wall, the beauty of nature here together, here sublimation, give it the extraordinary quality, shape it’s a magnificent spirit. It is the nature of the project, the world’s leader in KY son. [Mount Huangshan] by Ciguangge peak immediately before about 2.5 km of the bridge in the bridge immediately, give the first look across a large peak immediately visible on the cliff, cliff, air, says "immediately empty sea, high hope peace" ten characters, the word diameter 6 meters, "Ping" a vertical length of 9.4 M. In 1939, the deputy commander of the third theater down compliance, Mount Huangshan, Zhu Lizong, Xuan Qingfa Mason recruited Hu Yihe six carved. Bamboo basket, bamboo rope primitive tools for workers, since the peak fall, risked his life, difficult to drill, spent half a year before completion. In twenty-eight years (1937) July 18th, Mount Huangshan Work Office for the central Relief Committee said in a report, written by Luo Changming Xi inscription by the people. [Mount Huangshan] bridge bridge is not only the range rover Rover Mount Huangshan scenic area to go mountain yungusi traffic arteries, is a worthy of the name of the viewing platform, look around the station on the bridge, panoramic view of the hot spring area. The range rover bridge across the brook, 135.4 meters long, 10.5 meters wide, 36 meters high, the deck is terrazzo railing, curved bridge, length 50 meters, with five holes on each side. Built in 1983. The range rover bridge in the distance, peach blossom peak ten years continual, meandering, pearl sand peak towering tall and straight to the sky, like a panda sitting on the Ziyun peak North Bridge near the waist; peach blossom Peak Hotel Taoyuan, peach Creek Pavilion, Ziyun wing but before the peak Hot Spring Resort Hotel, the South Bank of Mount Huangshan bridge in相关的主题文章: