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The champion and champion quality characters in hand "China two-phase embraced Tiggo 7 new songs" Beijing October new network – in 14, recently, Zhejiang satellite TV, the first "new song" Chinese finals showdown in Beijing opened the bird’s nest, Wang Feng Jiang Dunhao finally won the champion team of students. Tiggo 7 program as the official car, frequently photographed in champion night, let the champion champion quality characters and two-phase embraced. "Chinese new song" champion Jiang Dunhao will receive a 7 year tenure with tiger ratings climbing, Tiggo visibility and sales also soared 7. "New song" is China hit a summer full of young, passion and dream of the new original music program, the original copyright, compatible with the original design of the spirit of independent Tiggo 7. Two in their respective fields represent the strength and charm of China’s independent original, favored by young consumers. With the help of "China new song" the young state, Tiggo 7 precisely aimed at young users has a brave and confident, chasing the dream. At the same time, leveraging collaborative marketing online and offline, Tiggo 7 brand marketing will upgrade to a new height, finally achieved win popularity and market. It is understood that after the listing of the first order Tiggo 7 has exceeded 15 thousand orders, because the monthly orders continued to rise during the national day, Chery set up 1000 employees for the production line, to ensure the normal production of the holiday, visible Tiggo 7 popular sentiment. Tiggo 7 "rapid rise", but because of the outstanding new Chery 2 products, a series of marketing initiatives behind is also a key factor in sales. The new song "and" Chinese cooperation, a time Tiggo 7, becoming the automotive sector "red hot search network". "Chinese new Tiggo 7 sponsored song", is not only to show the extraordinary influence, it is hoped that through this stage to show Tiggo 7 "instead of resonance" product characteristics. Especially in the stage of youth students confident attitude and Tiggo 7 "living connotation of Yao extraordinary" formed a tacit understanding, to encourage young people to fight bravely, to challenge themselves, which is the spiritual pursuit of Tiggo 7 wish to express to the target consumer groups. In September 20th this year, Chery launched a new flagship SUV, Tiggo 7 in the new T1X technology platform, its high color value, high quality and high performance for many media praise, showing Tiggo 7 powerful aura and extraordinary strength. In fact, Tiggo 7 in the market before it was widely optimistic: in addition to design attractive, Tiggo 7 also has a joint venture brand to catch up with the vehicle’s quality, technology platform and chassis advantages, advanced rich leading comfortable configuration is a tiger with wings added. Plus Chery understands the young users of smart Internet preferences and needs, equipped with Cloudrive2.0 Chi Yun Internet traffic system, intelligence also walk in the forefront of the times. In recent years, with the Chery 2 strategy continues to advance, Yi Ruize 5, Tiggo 7 new generation of product quality has received preliminary approval of consumers. Chery insight into the young generation’s way of life and attitude, is a more "heart" to consumers Chery brand image to attract more young.相关的主题文章: