The central network information office organized the curb network vulgar speculation phenomenon semi-doat

The central network information office organized the "curb network vulgar speculation phenomenon" seminar – Politics – September 9th afternoon, the central network information office organized the "curb network vulgar speculation phenomenon" seminar, study how to expose and criticize and curb network vulgar speculation phenomenon. Ren Xianliang, deputy director of the central network office presided over the meeting and delivered a speech. Comrade Ren Xianliang pointed out that in recent years, the rapid rise of the webcast. As a new application and new model, the network broadcast provides a new platform for enriching the network culture and meeting the people’s spiritual and cultural needs. However, some of the so-called "Red Net" to attract fans, using broadcast platform to attract users attention to vulgar and pornographic content, which broadcast platform does not fulfill the main responsibility for "Red Net" vulgar communication platform, and even help. Network vulgar speculation serious damage to the network communication order, deviated from the socialist core values, is the resolution of the mainstream ideology, touched the bottom line of civilization network. If allowed to develop, it will seriously pollute the network space, the Internet users, especially young people’s outlook on life, values, a negative impact on the world outlook. Comrade Ren Xianliang stressed that we must take effective measures to resolutely curb the spread of network vulgar momentum, and strive to build a network space. One is the extensive form of Internet vulgar speculation expose, everyone shouting atmosphere of public opinion; the two is to carry out the special action to crack down on online vulgar speculation; three is to strengthen the responsibility to implement, and strictly guarantee the vulgar information of online dissemination mark; four departments carry out their duties, form the integrated management of Internet vulgar speculation phenomenon ability; five social mobilization, advocacy of social organizations and the majority of Internet users to boycott the network vulgar hype. The relevant departments of the participating comrades think, to dare to voice, dare sword, the network vulgar speculation should have a clear attitude of criticism, to further clarify responsibilities, overall linkage, according to the law to strengthen supervision. The local network information office responsible comrades said, strictly implement the "double base, double strong accountability requirements, to further strengthen the training of education website managers and practitioners, strengthen self-discipline and supervision, strengthen departmental interaction and public supervision, to promote social cohabitation. Mass organizations and social organizations responsible for the initiative, to mobilize all sectors of society, for the majority of Internet users actively and consciously resist the online reporting of adverse information, provide a good network environment for the healthy growth of the younger generation. The relevant media website official position, to implement the main responsibility, improve the examining and reporting mechanism, to cultivate the character and taste of the news information, to curb the momentum of the vulgar, right. Experts and scholars at the meeting suggested that to implement the responsibility of various departments, through the improvement of the real name system and blacklist and other relevant laws and regulations and regulatory measures, the establishment of effective accountability mechanisms. The Ministry of public security, the Ministry of culture, the State Administration for Industry and commerce, press and Publication Bureau and the Communist Youth League, the National Women’s Federation and other departments responsible person, the local network information office is mainly responsible for the central focus of news sites and commercial sites charge, some experts and scholars as well as social network organization responsible for attending the meeting. )相关的主题文章: