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The boy after nursery school school play trampoline injuries to refuse to bear responsibility of Mr. Liu said, the child stayed in hospital for 6 days, medical expenses spent nearly thirty thousand yuan of new culture and new culture news reporter Wang Yue photo (reporter Wang Yue) yesterday morning, the netizen "Changchun a cigarette" broke the news: a boy tractor Changchun kindergarten preschool education group after school, playing a trampoline in the kindergarten, leading to fractures. At present, the child is being treated in the hospital, spent a few million, the parents find the person in charge of the park consultation treatment costs. Parents: the kindergarten should bear some responsibility at noon yesterday, the reporter saw the injured boy’s father Liu in Changchun tractor preschool education group the kindergarten, according to Mr. Liu, it happened in September 12th about half past four in the afternoon. "My son is 5 years old this year, in the afternoon, to pick up the kids from school children grandfather, after receiving the child, the child in the kindergarten play trampoline, playing on the problem." Mr. Liu said, when children with Grandpa said leg pain, then the family immediately sent their children to the hospital to check, the doctor, the child, the right leg fracture. Liu said that after the incident, the child lived in the hospital for 6 days, during which only a teacher came to see the child two. One of the leaders of the school did not come, medical expenses spent nearly thirty thousand yuan." Liu said that after the child was discharged, he first time to find a kindergarten, hoping to be able to give a nursery related leadership. After all, the child is injured in the kindergarten, playing is also a nursery entertainment equipment, I think as long as the child is not out of the kindergarten door, the school is still a certain number of responsibilities." Let Mr. Liu did not expect that, when he found Changchun Preschool Education Group Chairman tractor Ms. Zhang, the other has said, when it happened, kindergarten school has no responsibility, the zoo. At that time, the chairman of the attitude is very tough, said the kindergarten is not responsible, she said that she has taught for more than 40 years, no one had to look for her to say……" Liu said that the child will face further treatment, he hopes to be able to come up with an attitude of the school, bear the corresponding responsibility. Kindergarten: legal way to go about 2 in the afternoon, the reporter went to the kindergarten Changchun tractor preschool education group to understand the matter, the kindergarten guard, a man claiming to be "responsible person" in kindergarten office work from kindergarten building came out, that the reporter came to interview, the official did not allow reporters to enter kindergarten. We can not accept the interview, and want to solve the problem, through legal means." The responsible person surnamed Wang, she told reporters across the kindergarten gates and the families of the victims, the school principal is not in. A reporter wants to look at the causes of trampoline children were injured, the responsible person also said that the inconvenience. "We have a kindergarten entertainment facilities have been checked, if in doubt, you can ask the relevant departments to check." Mr. Liu told reporters, the day the children were injured by the side hole to climb the trampoline Trampoline to play, "if the kindergarten can maintain a good park facilities, children won’t hurt." In the face of this problem, the official said the trampoline usually is 8相关的主题文章: