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The body is highlighted in the alarm veins! To see where the problem is — Health Channel – original title: highlight is the body in the alarm veins! To see where the problem is not reinforced but veins, blood vessels. Under normal circumstances, it should not be able to see clearly, but once the venous blood flow is blocked, the pressure increases, it will appear on the surface of the skin, and even distorted phenomenon. Chinese experts believe that no matter which part of the human body veins are abnormal, alarm signal of body, it reflects the human body may have phlegm, dampness, stasis, toxin stagnation is not excreted by disease. The head of the blue veins — unstable blood pressure multi stroke ICU director of orthopedics hospital affiliated to Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine He Qiyang suggested that when the temple veinous, generally hyperactivity caused by hypertension; if the temple veins protruding and twisted, said it might have cerebral arteriosclerosis; Zihei, suggesting that the risk of stroke, need pay attention to. Common discomfort manifested as dizziness, headache, head up, depending on the object is not clear. Methods: 1 conditioning at home should pay more attention to self testing blood pressure, control blood pressure, prevent stroke, there is a need to use the right amount of water to drink chrysanthemum, insist for a long time. 2 conditioning of Chinese herbal medicine. As mild unclear will use Zhi Ju Di Huang Wan, and the more severe headache, you can use the Tianmagouteng decoction. The palm veins — stagnation of spleen deficiency constipation than if the palm everywhere purple blue veins, "said stomach stagnation, accumulation of intestinal congestion, with stagnation constipation with habitual constipation and hemorrhoids. Common symptoms of dizziness, dizziness, fatigue, fatigue, weakness of the spleen and stomach, constipation, etc.. Conditioning methods: 1 home diet can eat high fiber foods, including bananas, beans, oranges, etc.. 2 if required by traditional Chinese medicine conditioning, Jigzhi constipation can choose invalid hemp seed pill; if not very serious constipation can usually choose rehmannia, Radix Scrophulariae, Shouwu boiled water to drink, every 20~30 grams of blood conditioning can be. The hand vein venous return is not good — some women hand veins on the more obvious, under normal circumstances is often caused by venous return is not good situation. In this case, you can often do a finger exercise training to ease. Conditioning method: put your hands flat on the plane, gently press down every time to lift a finger to move higher, stretch the palm and fingers, which can make the nimble hands, then hands over his head, clenched his fists, stretched out as far as possible each finger, repeated for 5 minutes, can reduce the hand veins exposed. To relieve the tension, make hand soft. In addition, hand care once a week. In the warm water drops in the amount of olive oil, the hands completely immersed, soak for 15 minutes, and then evenly coated with special effects cream, full massage for 10 minutes, but also to accelerate blood circulation, ease the situation. The lower limb veins — varicose calf veins, the varicose veins of lower extremity we said, need to stand for a long time or heavy physical labor of people prone to this kind of situation, often without any pain symptoms, but can see the veins, need attention. Common discomfort manifested as pain, severe swelling of the lower extremity相关的主题文章: