The astronauts in the Tiangong two treadmill watching TV with family message exchange (video) musiland

The astronauts in the "Tiangong two" treadmill watching TV with family message exchange decryption Tiangong two: after the intimate design convenient astronaut Temple life soon, two astronauts will visit to earth "visitor" status prior to the state space to the unmanned Tiangong two. In the next 30 days, "Temple No. two," how to protect the astronauts of the basic necessities of life? To this end, the Temple No. two on the diet to improve the living environment, create a feeling of home for astronauts. The cabin of color, light, noise reduction and so do the layout of the environment of humanity; the astronauts can receive TV signals in the ground space laboratory, can carry on the world telephone conversation and private communication with family members; to ensure that astronauts in microgravity environment of body function is not a recession, Tiangong two equipped with strength training equipment, and regular monitoring the astronauts on the cardiovascular and body medical index. Equipped with multi-function table folding when not Tiangong two chief designer Zhu Congpeng said, Tiangong two will be for astronauts to provide more livable environment, especially for the astronauts to stay 30 days in the practice, do a lot of humanized reconstruction. Among them, the conscious use of the floor and ceiling color difference, the wall also uses a very soft beige. In order to prevent the collision, Tiangong-1 (micro-blog) the floors and walls are very soft, but the astronauts returned from space, still hard walls and floors, so a change in the Tiangong two, the chamber adopts hard material. In the internal facilities, Tiangong two equipped with multifunctional working table can be folded, you can open computer operation, on reading, dining etc.. The vents are modified to reduce noise. In the sleeping area, the light can be adjusted, the broadcast can also be closed, the astronauts can carry some personal items, such as home photos. The head of the bed has a Bluetooth stereo, which can receive an emergency call from the ground, and the astronauts’ headphones are also changed to wireless. Inside the Temple No. two, also added a lot of special elements, including the logo, China manned space engineering sign of Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, in addition to commemorate the 60 anniversary of the founding of Chinese space industry, the cabin will have a specially designed symbol. The astronauts were texting Zhu Congpeng and his family said, taking into account the astronauts to reside in the Middle Temple No. two, we are equipped with a laptop computer, tablet computer for astronauts, astronauts can work, can also be used for entertainment, reading; at the same time, the astronauts can watch TV in space, SMS communication with family members. In terms of diet, to take into account the greatest degree of personal preference for each astronaut, a special batch of space food. Personal hygiene, prepare special wipes and razors, the feces collecting bag is improved, so that the pressure is lower than the cabin, to prevent odor diffusion. Clothing: warm clothing and "auspicious clouds" sleeping bag "Tiangong two" astronauts prepared for external pattern embroidered with auspicious clouds of sleeping bags. The sleeping bag is made of special material, which has the characteristics of resistance to fire, static electricity, adjustable tightness, light weight and so on. In addition, Tiangong two astronauts also prepared thermal underwear, warm pants, sportswear, sports socks etc.. Taking into account the special needs of space work相关的主题文章: