The arrow to the sky and the temple — the Tiangong two launch of new network –

The arrow to the sky and the temple — the "Tiangong two" launch of – Beijing News Agency in Gansu, Jiuquan in September 15 Xinhua News Agency: the arrow into the sky and the temple — the "Tiangong two" launch of reporter Zhang Su 15, 22, 04, from the beginning of 2010 on the long March two F T2 the rocket lifts "Tiangong two" straight to the sky. When the rocket plume "swept" round of the mid autumn moon, the audience bursts exclaimed. Rocket storage life is generally six or seven years. At that time with the Long March two FT2 rockets produced together with the long march F rocket Y10, as early as in 2013 when the mission, carrying Shenzhou ten manned spacecraft lifted. In 2013 after the "Shenzhou ten" and "Tiangong-1" successful docking, the first phase of the second step Chinese manned spaceflight project successful ending, temporarily out of sight. But in the evening of 15, Tiangong two has become a new topic, China manned spaceflight has entered a new stage of application development. Not long ago, the Long March two F Y11 rocket and the Long March two F T2 rocket into the Jiuquan satellite launch site. In the Chinese rocket Long March family, only the Long March two F rocket is a pair of "brothers": according to their manned docking mission derived from two states, "T" series for the launch of the target spacecraft, "Y" series for the launch of the Shenzhou spacecraft. Long March two F T2 rocket has a "big bald head". In order to meet the requirements of the target aircraft envelope, it used a long march rocket flying models of the largest dome. The characteristics of two F Y11 rocket Long March is at the top of a tower, after more than a month, it will be carrying two astronauts aboard the Chinese escort Shenzhou eleven manned spacecraft, went straight to the sky. Two rockets at the same time approach, is to shorten the launch process, to ensure the completion of rendezvous and docking. Because the Chinese people to explore the pace of the universe faster and faster. Zhou Jianping, chief designer of China’s manned space program, said the space lab mission will be completed in the first half of 2017, followed by the construction phase of the space station. Want to build a better economic performance than the international space station, a higher degree of information of the space station, the first step is to launch the space station core cabin around 2018. The future of China’s space station designed to accommodate 3 astronauts, during the rotation up to reach 6 astronauts. This means that manned space flight will become the norm. Zhou Jianping said that the general need at least two times a year group, the 6 astronauts into the space station – as of now, China has had 10 astronauts into space. Manned space flight will not be limited to less than 400 kilometers from the earth, technically speaking, China has the ability to carry out manned space flight on the moon." Zhou Jianping said, of course, to achieve a manned lunar landing target, need more rocket carrying capacity, manned landing and return of the spacecraft, lunar new moon shuttle and a myriad of innovative technology. But at least China has a better place to launch a manned lunar mission: the Wenchang launch center in Hainan. The mid autumn moon, has inspired countless men of literature and writing Chinese inspiration, "left the sea)相关的主题文章: