The actress group of Show Luo on meat money was sentenced to pay 300 thousand and apologize (video)

Show Luo actress was sentenced to pay 300 thousand money on meat and the newspaper to apologize Show Luo Chen Yi Chen Yi Facebook screenshot Tencent entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, host Chen Yi has criticized Show Luo physical money, also ridiculed what he differences and prostitution little mode, so it is the Taipei District Court Panpei 300 thousand and to apologize, but she yesterday announced to hold the conference to apologize to Show Luo, but does not indicate the reason. Chen Yi announced on Facebook last night, starting today for the seven day at 12 o’clock, will be held in a personal face book conference to apologize to Show Luo, Show Luo said she is mistaken Asian air dried flesh by the king, even the netizen thinks I’m sorry Show Luo, I hope you can take this opportunity to sincerely apologize to him, for why this sudden organized activities, Chen Yi said to the big hedge to know, and repeatedly stressed that he sorry Show Luo. In addition, she also expressed the most sincere apology message content, will receive the Show Luo poster, which let users Tucao say the gift is not the sincerity, she said a adeem album, but users still do not appreciate sarcasm "album revision so many times, very worried to which one, or even deliberately ask" set three pieces of pictures, five pieces of a hug?" Show Luo s birthday concert and staged reconciliation相关的主题文章: