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The 87 year old "Golf emperor" died "Golden Bear": a way – Beijing newspaper news (reporter Zhu Peng) "Golf emperor" Arnold? Palmer died on Sunday at the age of 87. Looking back on Palmer’s life, he not only has a great career, but also changed the entire golf. "Arnold? Palmer is everyone’s hero!" "Golden Bear" Jack, said Niklaus. The "lob emperor", all the way. In the occupation career, Palmer won a total of 7 times Grand Slam champion, won the four Masters champion, two British Open harvest trophy, a U.S. Open Cup championship, but the lack of PGA. It is worth mentioning that, in he won six grand slam, in 1967 to become the first revenue of $1 million PGA tour players. In addition to the superb skills, Palmer also attracted a large number of fans. As early as in 1974, Palmer was admitted to the World Golf Hall of fame, and in 1998 won the PGA tour lifetime achievement award. Palmer in the promotion of golf is to make outstanding contributions to the creation of his own name to the clothing brand, to help set up the United States Golf channel. In the process of promoting the sport of golf, Palmer and Jack, Gary and Pryor? Niklaus? "Said the giant, and in golf three" after the death of Palmer, the "Golden Bear" Niklaus also issued a tribute to Palmer, "was shocked to hear that Palmer was dead, I lost a friend, but also lost a world golf great friends, even the sports world lost a great man."相关的主题文章: