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4S shop car hit a large truck driving unlisted stuffed two dead tragedy – Sohu News Chinese daily news (reporter Yang Tuo) a 4S shop not listed in the car on the road, overtaking and scraped from the right side of the front of the car, lost control and collided with a truck, killing two people dead on the car. The 11 day morning at 10:30 pm, in Guanzhong ring and built in the North (Ju Weifu Avenue cross bridge about 3 km), a car traveling from north to south of the unlicensed car Skoda and Geely cars driving in the same direction after the runaway scrape, rushed on to the driveway and then collided with a truck collided with the car out of control; Geely and in front of a Volkswagen sedan. After the alarm, Weinan Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment Linwei brigade accident prevention squadron of police rushed to the scene immediately. According to reports, the scene of the accident Skoda car completely destroyed the right side of the body, the front truck also damaged in the crash, the driver of the car had to be rescued, and the copilot was trapped in the car. Subsequently, the fire department rushed to the rescue, but two people have been killed. After investigation, the accident is a Skoda car 4S shop Weinan vehicles, two of the deceased to the shop staff. This Skoda car no license or temporary license plate, the front windshield has not posted inspection mark and the insurance mark. Police said the preliminary investigation of the cause of the accident was forced to overtake Skoda car right trigger. But why this car on the road, causing the specific cause of the accident, the traffic police department is still doing further investigation.相关的主题文章: