Thai King’s death the government of the civil service of the people of one year to voluntarily serve jiuyaogan

The king died a year mourning: government public voluntary mourning. Original title: Taiwan media: Thailand king Bhumibhol died a year of mourning government reference news network reported on October 14th   Taiwan media said the Thailand king Bhumibhol 13, died at the age of 89, the national mourning. The Prime Minister of Thailand prayudh announced on the 14 day, the national government agencies lowered to half mast for 30 days, and during the suspension of all organized recreational activities, all civil servants in mourning for 1 years. According to the Taiwan news cloud reported on October 14th, Pakistan Education announced that 13 evening, the Thai crown prince Maha will be king Vajiralongkorn to the throne; but the Prince later said, need time to prepare, asked to suspend the throne. While the original voice of Princess Maha Chakri general to become Thailand’s first queen. Pakistan Education said, from 14 onwards, Thailand will enter a period of 1 years of mourning period, government departments and schools lowered to half mast for 30 days, people are also advised to stop all recreational activities, civil servants wearing black underwear mourning for a year, the general public is voluntary mourning. It is understood that many well-known tourist attractions, such as The Grand Palace, may not be open for business, there are plans to travel to Thailand people need to pay attention to the recent news. Because during the Thailand war, travel to Thailand to pay special attention to dress and demeanor. Bhumibhol was born in 1927, 1946 in succession, 1950 coronation, Bangkok Dynasty ninth king, reigned 70 years, is the world’s longest reigning king. Bhumibhol enjoyed high prestige among the people in Thailand, in his illness, many people spontaneously. Source: Reference News Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: