Thai four high-speed rail plans to delay the start of the new media, said the Thai while betting on kasey chase

Four Thai high-speed rail plans to delay the start of the new media said Thailand also bet on the original title: Thailand four high-speed rail plans to delay the start: Thai foreign media also bet on Reference News Network reported on November 3rd new media said, the four high-speed rail plan in Thailand was launched this year will be delayed until next year to start, but the traffic in Thailand a minister said, although these projects delayed construction but still can be completed on schedule. Singapore "Singapore United Morning Post" website on November 2nd citing "Bangkok post" reported that a report that prepare the four high-speed rail plan this year will not have any significant progress to the cabinet meeting next week, the main reason is the preliminary research work of these projects has not completed. Reported that the four projects including Thailand and Chinese building connecting Bangkok and the northeast of Nakhon Ratchasima Kh’s high-speed railway, a total length of 252.5 kilometers, the investment of 179 billion baht (about 34 billion 560 million yuan). This is the Thai railway plan in the first phase of the project. According to the plan, China Thailand railway length of 873 kilometers, from Kunming to Thailand Chinese capital Bangkok, a road linking to singapore. Another project is the Thailand and Japan to build the 382 km railway, southern Bangkok and Northern Phitsanulok’s connection. The project investment of 224 billion baht (about 43 billion 200 million yuan). The other two railway projects are affected by Bangkok to Rayong railway of 193.5 kilometers, and Bangkok to Hua Hin City railway of 165 kilometers; the former will cost 152 billion baht (about 29 billion 300 million yuan), the latter 94 billion 600 million baht (about 18 billion 250 million yuan). Reported that the Ministry of communications had originally planned to start the construction of these four railway projects in Thailand this year. However, air stressed that although the start time is delayed, but these four railway will be completed in 2017 as scheduled. Thailand’s government wants to build a high-speed rail network in the country, linking major domestic production and shipping hubs to the South and northeast of India. Reported that the Thailand plan of railway, road and customs checkpoints widely in the next seven years, to remove the bottleneck of Thailand and neighboring trade in transportation and customs, the blueprint is expected to be $83 billion (about 561 billion 400 million yuan). China two party through tough negotiations after a long time, in late September of this year reached the first phase of the project cost of Thailand high-speed railway reached an agreement, and was opened in December this year. At that time, the Reuters reported a revealed that Thailand will bear all the cost of construction, China will provide funding for technology related to the system. Reported that the Thai high-speed rail is an important part of the trans Asian railway network Chinese advocate, but also meet the Thailand government to update the aging of the railway network plan. The trans Asian railway network with a total length of 873 kilometers, a "person" will take shape, northeast Thailand important port Nongkhai bordering neighboring Laos border, link up with the industrial zone in eastern Thailand Pu Yong motor port and pull, and by connecting the city of Southwest Kunming Chinese Laos and Thailand. For the Thai high-speed rail cost, Thailand has been that the price is too high. In March this year, the Thailand government announced its decision to assume the first 2相关的主题文章: