Tell you a joke, have the fund qualification, do not work, annual salary of one hundred thousand-jinshen

Tell you a joke with funds qualifications do not work salary of thousands small is also the fund qualification certificate, heard the news after the pumping heads each by the investment treasure in several micro channel group found that a fund held the qualification certificate of people looking for attachment to the news spread in the circle of friends. According to the news that the attachment is mainly used for shell companies to apply for the fund license, people do not need to punch in the attachment, attachment to the legal representative of the company’s annual salary of up to 100 thousand yuan, affiliated personnel in product success in the Fund Industry Association for the record after the completion of the exit. The main reason of private security shell attachment is: hold the people looking for private equity fund qualification examination pass rate is low, and some private equity executives eager to record security shell. With the examination of the private equity fund executives a total of 11272 people, accounting for 19% of the total number of registered executives in the fund industry association, which participate in the test subjects a total of 10614 people, the rate of 87.1%, a total of 8779 people participated in two test subjects, the rate of 50.1%, a total of 8121 people at the same time in two examinations, 49.1% pass rate, the it means that nearly half of all participate in the examination of private equity executives in two subjects did not meet. This leads to the shortage of private placement certificates. Do not punch the clock, annual salary of 100 thousand yuan, it is worthy of high-end financial industry. But Xiaobian tell you the attachment there is a huge risk of private equity, private equity holder in the company’s problems during the attachment, when responsibility, as the primary responsibility of the legal representative of the company will have to bear the primary responsibility for the attachment to people, because of their attachment to the private company of insufficient understanding, facing huge legal risks. As a private event lost. So guys need to pay more attention. Xiao Bian just wanted to be a pretty girl quietly!!! Thank you for every investment treasure.

跟你说个笑话 拥有基金从业资格不用工作年薪十万小编也有基金从业资格证,听到这个消息脑筋都抽经了每经投资宝在多个微信群发现,一则急寻持有基金从业资格证书人士挂职的消息,在朋友圈广泛传播。据该消息称,挂职主要是用于空壳公司申请基金牌照,挂职人士不需要打卡上班,挂职公司法人代表的年薪可达10万元,挂靠人员在产品成功于基金业协会备案完成后退出。私募保壳急寻持证人士挂职的主要原因是:私募基金从业资格考试通过率低,而一些私募高管又急于备案保壳。加考试的私募基金高管共计11272人,占在基金业协会登记高管总人数的19%,其中参加科目一考试的共计10614人,通过率87.1%,参加科目二考试的共计8779人,通过率50.1%,同时参加两门考试的共8121人,通过率49.1%,这就意味着,近半数参加考试的私募高管在科目二上没达标。这样也就导致私募从业资格证供不应求现象。不用打卡上班年薪就有10万元,不愧是高端金融产业。但是小编告诉你私募持证挂职存在巨大风险,私募持证在挂职期间公司出现问题,在追责的时候,作为首要责任人的公司法人代表将要负首要责任,对于持证挂职人士来说,由于其本身对挂职的私募公司不够了解,面临极大的法律风险,如私募失联事件。所以小伙们需要多加注意。小编只想安安静静的做个美少女!!!感谢每经投资宝的新闻题材。相关的主题文章: