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Tang Wei gave birth to her daughter called shy birth son not to entertain see Beijing map at home: Tang Wei Zhang Xi photo Beijing, August 28 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Zhang Xi) Beijing (WeChat public number: cns2012) reporter from the evening of 27 Tang Wei was informed that Tang Wei on August 25th in Hongkong gave birth to a female birth at present, her daughter safe, have been discharged, and South Korea will be the husband Jin Taiyong together in Hongkong to take care of her daughter Doris. Tang Wei 27, through the circle of friends of the Annunciation, "Hello, to report that I unloaded. The day before yesterday (25 days) I gave birth to a daughter in Hongkong, the birth of 3.41 kilograms, very healthy, because she is the first loud cry". Tang Wei also wrote: "thanks to my mother, father, thank you, thank you, Doris, and every person who protects her from being born!" Tang Wei and her husband, Zhang Xi, photographed for the news of the upgrade to the mother of the mother, the first time to send a blessing to the, he said in the following micro-blog, said: "boy girl?" Congratulations!" Netizens ridicule is to climb doll pro". Tang Wei and South Korean film director Kim to be married in 2014, two people have cooperation in the film "late autumn". In February 26th this year, Tang Wei announced the news of pregnancy, in the circle of friends said: "Tai Yong and soup spring to good news, we are waiting for the arrival of a naughty little monkey." In March 1st, Tang Wei announced the pregnancy after the first public appearance, the movie "Beijing back in love" Seattle Fuji conference, she revealed himself in the Christmas last year that was pregnant with her husband, "I am very happy, the first reaction is how to do? Husband, of course, very happy. In fact, is also expected". About whether pregnancy will make work plan for change, Tang Wei said ten years can finally put a holiday, "I just finally pregnant to have a big holiday, the middle will certainly have some little work". Data figure: Tang Wei is pregnant after the first return Zhai Lu photo is worth mentioning is that the earlier Tang Wei four months pregnant when he accepted the "Southern Metropolis Daily" interview, said at the time, she did not want to know the sex of the fetus, but the family love the girl, "I am more worried about if the baby is a boy in our family is not entertain see ah". Tang Wei was also on the show "familiar taste" with Li Yong to talk about parenting, talked about the idea of education, she said: "(if it is) the boy directly kicked out, don’t stay at home. Let him go out on his own. Girls can stay for a while." In addition, the pregnancy situation, Tang Wei admitted he in addition to fat, no other changes, "did not eat fruit, do not eat vegetables, do not love to drink water, do not love to sleep, now all the love. There was a time when I couldn’t get into the kitchen, afraid of the smell. Now it’s getting better, cooking every day". (end)相关的主题文章: