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Writing-and-Speaking How many of us have taken hundreds of photos while on holiday and then just left them to sit in a folder on the computer? Almost all of us are culprits, we might upload a few snaps to Facebook or another social media but other than that we do nothing with them. We can soon forget about the photos we have taken and we lose out on seeing some beautiful pictures, we dont take the time to look through our old photos which are on the computer and yet we will enjoy looking through an old photo album. When you take a photo you want to remember the moment and what was going on, thats why you take the photo, itll help aid your memory as time passes but if you dont look at those photos youll never really remember just what it was like. Why should your photos be sat hidden away where they wont be enjoyed? If you dont have the time to sit and organise them into photo albums then there is an easier way of doing so. Photo books can be created online, and most companies will have their own software for you to download. You can design your photo book to look exactly how you want it too, it doesnt have to purely be full of photos you can add captions and even choose a background image to be behind your photographs. Most photo book software is very easy to use and so no matter how well you can work a computer you will be able to create a photo book which is unique for you, you could just fill in the gaps with your photos and change the background image or you could spend time lining up photos changing the angle of them and adding quirky captions to enhance the photographs. There are no rules as to how you design your photo book you can be as creative as you want to be, your photos dont need to be in any particular order you can pick and choose them however you want to. Some people do choose to theme their photo books so they may create one which features photos from a number of the different holidays theyve taken and whose photos theyve never made use of. Other people will choose to create a photo book documenting their childs first year, photo books like these also make a great gift for grandparents, and these photo books will allow you to look at your childs first year time and time again. Photo books are a fantastic way of keeping hold of your memories, they are much easier to enjoy in a photo book than they are on the screen of your computer and once theyre in a photo book you dont need to worry about losing them if your computer has a meltdown and decides to clear your hard drive of everything which has been saved on it. Most photo book printers will save a digital copy of your photo book design which means that you can print out further copies so if anything was to happen to your photo book or you did want to give it as a gift you would not need to redesign it you would just simply reorder it. When you create a photo book it will capture your memories allowing you to enjoy them time and time again, you will be able to share them with new friends and old friends, having these memories to hand means that you will never forget about them. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: