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Take it, experience the real version of the dream space"! – Science and technology – People’s original title: take it, to experience the real version of the dream space"! Don’t worry – raise a lucid dream (Lucid dreaming) is a kind of made in clear consciousness under the condition of the dream. In a lucid dream, the dreamer knows that he is in a dream, has the ability to think and remember when he is awake, and some of them can even make the five sense in his dream reach the same degree as the real world. But that’s not what most people can experience. When it comes to this, you have to mention Nolan’s film, "the dream space". Friends must have seen the film are very yearning for that wonderful dream space layers of film. So how can we realize the dream of waking control? Here is one thing to make clear: lucid dreaming is not the same as daydreaming. Lucid dreaming is a dreamer who is conscious of the state of sleep; a daydream is a meditation or fantasy in which the dreamer is in a state of wakefulness without entering a state of sleep. So, perhaps through lucid dreaming is likely to achieve the "dream space" effect? A day ago, developed by iWinks company, called "Aurora DreamBand" sleep headband by tracking the rapid eye movement sleep (REM Sleep) and the use of the built-in LED lamp, make you aware of his own dream, even let you dominate your dreams. The device’s appearance and common eye are very similar, because the head part adopts a low profile design, so it will not let the forehead feel uncomfortable. The forehead is built with headband sensor captures brain waves and eye movements, tracking the user’s every act and every move. The use of integrated LED lights and speakers, it will be the voice of the user as well as the action to convey the record, it will be restored in the sleep state. It is the principle of lucid dreams evoked by brain waves change to identify the user, to identify the REM sleep stage, recognition is successful, it will give a visual reminder, headband through LED flashing lights and sounds to remind the user in his sleep aware they are dreaming. After entering a lucid dream state, the user in the dream of the five sense of experience will be the same as in reality. At the same time can not be restricted by the physical and social standards, in their own dreams. Its use is very simple: wear good equipment before going to sleep, the phone APP will start recording your brain waves. Mobile and monitor your body accelerometer and provide visual cues to make you aware of your own dreams, these clues can enter your dreams without waking you. In this sense, it is equivalent to the "dream space" that will not fall in the gyro. Sleep is usually divided into two parts, non rapid eye movement sleep (non-REM) and rapid eye movement sleep (REM), the two appear alternately. In the wake of natural REM will enter into a larger proportion of the depth of the REM sleep state, most dreams happen at this time. If the sleeper is awakened at this time, usually remember the dream. DreamBand sleep REM sleep in depth through the head of my eyes)相关的主题文章: