System construction is the top priority of the construction of Ecological Civilization — Gansu

System construction is the top priority – the construction of ecological civilization in Gansu, Channel original title: system construction is the priority among priorities of the construction of ecological civilization (new feeling that) Comrade Xi Jinping pointed out: "only the implementation of the most stringent regime, the most stringent rule of law, in order to provide a reliable guarantee for the construction of ecological civilization." Only the system construction as the top priority, efforts to get rid of the constraints of institutional mechanisms of ecological civilization construction, in order to move towards a new era of ecological civilization. Improve the relevant laws and regulations of ecological civilization construction. The construction of ecological civilization must adhere to the legislation, the establishment of effective constraints behavior and to promote green development, development cycle, low carbon development of the legal system of ecological civilization, strengthen the legal responsibility of producers of environmental protection, greatly improve the cost of illegal. Establish and improve the legal system of property rights of natural resources, improve the legal system of the protection of land space development, develop and improve the air, water, soil pollution prevention and protection of marine ecological environment and other laws and regulations. In particular, we should formulate laws and regulations to energy assessment review, water, climate change, ecological compensation and other aspects of the research, the revised land management law, air pollution prevention law, water pollution prevention law, energy conservation law etc.. Improve the ecological environment monitoring system. In the current stage of economic and social development and technical conditions, to resolve outstanding issues, the ecological environment to ensure the ecological environment threshold bottom line is not a breakthrough, we must make the pollutant emission supervision system is more rigid and binding, can be effectively implemented and implementation. The establishment of strict supervision of all emissions of environmental protection management system, improve pollutant discharge permit system, prohibit undocumented sewage and super standard, super total sewage. For illegal discharge of pollutants, causing or may cause serious pollution, to be processed according to law. The system of compulsory elimination of the process, equipment and products that seriously pollute the environment. Improve the ecological protection compensation mechanism. Accelerate the establishment of compensation for ecological damage, beneficiaries pay, the guardian to get a reasonable compensation mechanism. There are two dimensions of vertical and horizontal compensation. Vertical compensation is to deepen the reform of fiscal and taxation system, improve the transfer payment system, merge and standardize the existing ecological protection compensation channels, increase the intensity of the transfer of key ecological function areas. Horizontal compensation, and between ecological benefit and protection area is to guide the watershed upstream and downstream through financial subsidies, industrial transfer, personnel training, to build the park in a variety of ways to standardize the implementation of compensation, compensation mechanism. Improve the performance appraisal system. The resource consumption, environmental damage and ecological benefits are included in the comprehensive evaluation system of economic and social development. On the development of regional and ecological fragile national key poverty alleviation counties ban restricted development area, canceled GDP assessment; on the main agricultural areas and key ecological function areas, are the implementation of priority and evaluation of agricultural ecological protection performance priority; the key ecological function areas to prohibit the development of authenticity and integrity of the key evaluation the natural and cultural resources. According to the results of the assessment, the ecological civilization construction outstanding achievements in areas, units and individuals to give recognition and reward. )相关的主题文章: