Sword God domain list Europe and the United States to discuss the worst animation you have seen-lformat

"Sword God domain" list? Have you seen the house and discuss the worst animation in the multitude of Japanese animation works, there are always a few people after regret. For example, the July "H× H" under the banner of the magical Academy; some of the meat under the guise of content is a light. So, in addition to what are the worst to the animation work? Recently, Europe and the United States House small partners on this discussion. Now, let’s take a look at their response. 1 "sword God domain" it, the whole film urine point countless, but I still finished reading it, because it is very popular." Penguin: forehead, "sword God domain" is classic, may not be your appetite 2 "Fate stay night", I feel no meaning." Mother: I feel like there’s a bunch of powder to send the blade 3 "comet Lucifer", I spent 6 hours to finish reading it, after reading the love." Penguin: the process is ugly, but the people who want to see the whole thing are very powerful "4 Samurai" Flamingo ", I don’t know if I’m with what kind of mood to finish it, I felt like I was in a traffic accident. I just want to get back the time I wasted, and the eggs." 5 "Future Diary", do not want to say dirty words." Why do you want to see it? 6 "Diary of the future" is the worst I’ve ever seen in my life. I’ve seen the whole 24 episodes. I just want to see how bad it can be. After reading, I can’t describe my dog’s mood." 7 "high command", I do not know what kind of mood I was holding out the fan. I don’t know what this is saying, maybe I’m offline."相关的主题文章: