Suqian young couple fell in love for 7 years shoot wedding after her boyfriend sudden cerebral

Suqian young couple fell in love for 7 years after the sudden stroke of a lover boyfriend in 7 years after the wedding photos, originally prepared for marriage into the preliminary in next year’s palace, but the weather is unpredictable, a few days ago, the groom sudden stroke, after can walk is a question mark? Hu Lin and Calvin are often East is the people of Suqian, met in high school after the start of the long-distance love, has seven years of love. The couple wedding room is ready, the decoration is also basically completed, was ready by the end of home engagement, early next year to get married in March. In November 8th two people took a wedding, but two days after the accident, came to the groom who, on the day of the lunch break after wake up, Hu Lin Tung Tau a little pain, the left side and the upper and lower limbs of the body gradually lose strength. After examination, 25 year old Hu Lindong sudden cerebral hemorrhage, in critical condition. This sudden turn of events, shattered their dreams for the future. After the hospital, the doctor conducted a craniotomy on Hu Lindong, however, the loss of brain tissue is difficult to repair, in the hospital to do a new pediatric nurses often have been accompanied by hu. Recently, the memory has been a marked decline in Hu, when Chang Chang Chang moved, the event is not a matter of preparation for his wedding. Gavin often love to eat gluten, after craniotomy recovery of Hu, mentioned his own good gluten and prawns, often on the marriage he said, well, to cook for her. At present, the doctor to judge Hu Lindong may suffer from congenital vascular malformation, follow-up also need to carry out the two operation and long-term rehabilitation therapy, it is possible that this life will be spent in a wheelchair. But often Gavin said, two people fall in love for seven years, the hard work that only they know. Gavin often said, two of them are from rural areas, parents want to marry a bit better, although have been opposed, but they persisted, because two people are in love, feeling really good, you can’t marry someone else later, just want to take care of him. Chang said that she would stay in bed, waiting for her boyfriend to get up and take her home. The sudden accident, not only let the couple’s wedding in sight, so that they will have to face the subsequent treatment costs about one hundred thousand. Extended video: has nothing to do with the original eggplant can prevent the prevention of hypertension cerebral hemorrhage, is it true?相关的主题文章: