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Supporting sustainable pool of water north — Environmental Protection — Qing canal runs through the north, surging. 14:32 on December 12, 2014, Taocha headworks gate slowly opened, waiting for a long time "south north" along the canal, through 1432 kilometers, flows through Henan, Hebei, Tianjin, Beijing, a road north moistens the thirsty earth. "The water is sweet!" "Don’t worry about the water!" People in different places along the way, feel the immediate changes brought about by the south to North Water diversion. As of August 27, 2016, the North Dan River total has climbed to 5 billion 36 million cubic meters, to keep the water in class II and above, receiving social, economic and ecological benefits has become increasingly prominent. The source of drinking water. More than 1 thousand kilometers apart, can drink a library of clean water, all cannot do without the hard work of water source protection. The limited liability company of water of South-to-North Water Transfer Project was founded in August 2004, the Ministry of water resources, our office, Yangtze River Commission correct leadership and support, the successful completion of the Danjiangkou dam heightening, 350 thousand reservoir resettlement work, start the transition from management to construction operation management, and maintaining the water column for the work heavy, keep leave no stone unturned sustainable pool of water north, in the water supply management on the road of "stones", as the first Century project of benign operation continue to explore new methods, new path. 109 indicators make sense in the south to North Water Diversion Project, the success or failure in the water, if the sewage north, lost the meaning of interbasin water transfer. The water quality is good, the 109 monitoring indicators is the best proof. As the central water source of the middle route of the south to North Water Diversion Project, Danjiangkou reservoir water quality in the end? PH value, 8.09; COD, mg l; ammonia nitrogen, 0.16 mg l." In September 1st, the reporter saw in Xichuan County of Henan province Taocha headworks sluice, a monitoring station standing in the blue sky, more than and 10 sets of precision detection instruments neatly arranged, data monitoring and management platform interface is uninterrupted refresh. "This is the water quality monitoring of the middle route of the south to North Water Diversion project." Deputy general manager of the company Qi Yaohua introduced the midline water, good water quality is the premise of the protection of water supply, a monitoring stations have been built and put into operation, can effectively monitor the water quality of the reservoir, and to grasp the changes in water quality early warning and forecasting, quick response. At present, the network has begun to take shape, the midline water monitoring stations, construction of a total of 3 fixed automatic monitoring stations and 4 floating automatic monitoring station, a water quality monitoring center laboratory, and two mobile monitoring facilities. "Not long ago, we went to the reservoir area of 31 water quality monitoring sections were sampled." The Yangtze River Scientific Research Institute and technical personnel station network construction implementation unit told reporters that the current central laboratory can carry out routine project, biological project, sediment project, biological residue projects and 109 total project monitoring index. "The collected water samples are injected into the atomic absorption spectrophotometer, and the heating button can be used to identify the heavy metals in 30 seconds." Technical personnel, the water quality monitoring center in accordance with the provincial standards for the construction of water environment monitoring center, to achieve regular monitoring of the reservoir section, compared to monitoring and sudden pollution matter相关的主题文章: