Super moon this year in the evening of November 14th China is in an ideal position to observe-zibba

This super moon night of November 14th played in the ideal position in the observation China zhongxinwangzhongxinwang in Guangzhou on 10 November, (Guo Li Jianji) according to the Guangdong astronomical society revealed that this year the evening of November 14th, there will be a super moon spectacle in the world, Chinese ideal observation position, all around the country to watch this year’s biggest round full moon. What is a super moon? Super moon refers to the moon (Moon) and anomalistic month (the moon from Earth recently) a special phenomenon of both is very close to the time. The same is the moon, the moon from Earth recently than the moon from the earth as far as the area of large diameter 14%, 30%. In November 14th this year at 19:21, the moon and the earth is full year recently, only 356622 kilometers, the apparent diameter of the moon angle reaches 33 minutes and 34 seconds, the annual maximum. At 21:52 that night, the moon was round (hope). According to reports, in November this year, the year the most distant and recent special astronomical phenomena appear respectively. At 3:29 on November 1st, the moon from the earth 406623 km (far point), the farthest distance from the earth, than in November 14th (near point) is far more than 50001 km. In November 14th, China around sunset, full moon rising in the East North position. The same day, Guangzhou sunset time is 17:43, but time is 17:44. The full moon rises from the East, from the public visual feel the moon is particularly large, and a golden yellow, very conspicuous. With the help of trees and houses and other scenes, the moon can take pictures of art. According to the sun, the moon, the earth’s operation, the super moon about 14 new moon (about 413.4 days) appeared once. The super moon took place in September 28, 2015, the next time it will appear in January 2, 2018. (end)相关的主题文章: