Sun appointed assistant coach, coached the Spurs NBDL team-vidalia

The sun was appointed assistant coach who coached the team temporary spurs NBDL Hornacek (left) and Watson (right) sina sports news Beijing time on February 2nd, according to the "YAHOO sports" Mark – Spears said, the team invited legend Steve – Nash to come back after a failed, Feinikesi Tjev just fired Hornacek sun announced the appointment of Earl Watson deputy manager. It is learnt that the Suns have appointed team assistants and former NBA player Watson as proxy coach until the end of the season. Local time Sunday night, in the sun 78-91 to Dallas, the senior team coach Hornacek announced the fire. Coach Sun more than 2 season, Hornacek led the team won 101 wins and 112 losses. Nearly 21 games, the sun lost 19 games, currently only 14 wins and 35 losses and Timberwolves parallel West second. Watson took office after the first match, tomorrow will be home court against toronto. Watson, 36, received an invitation from Hornacek last summer as his teaching assistant. In December 28th 2 Jerry assistant – Xiqiding and Mike long Jiabadi respectively after being fired, his position in the coaching group to further improve. Last season, Watson began coaching the professional league team, as the Spurs NBDL team Austen spurs coach. According to ESPN Mark Stern reported that after the sun, after the sun had intended to hire a team of historical player Nash taught, but was rejected. In addition to Watson, the sun also considered the other 2 teaching assistants Cory – Gaines and Knight – ratio Glen. In addition, the warriors player Marius – Svets in radio interviews, recommended mentor, former warriors coach Mark – Jackson served as the new coach of the sun. It is reported that Svets has been fired for Jackson. There is also news that the sun has also considered former coach Mike – DAntoni. Watson was born in June 1979, aged 36. Previously, as a player, Watson has been in the League for 13 seasons, has played supersonic (thunder), grizzly bear, Nuggets, walkers, jazz and pioneer, etc., most of the time as a substitute guard. Before the start of the 2014-15 season, Watson announced his retirement. Career 878 games, Watson field all got 6.4 points, 4.4 assists, hit rate was 41.1%. Another source said, in the official after taking office, Watson immediately announced the hiring of Klutch sports group Ricci Paul as his agent. The latter is also the agent of Lebron – James, Tristan – Thompson and John – wall players. (Chi Mei)

太阳任命助教为临时主帅 曾执教马刺NBDL球队 霍纳塞克(左)与沃特森(右)   新浪体育讯  北京时间2月2日,据《雅虎体育》的马克-斯皮尔斯透露,在力邀球队名宿史蒂夫-纳什出山未果后,刚炒掉杰夫-霍纳塞克的菲尼克斯太阳宣布,任命厄尔-沃特森为代理主帅。   据悉,太阳已任命球队助教,前NBA球员沃特森为代理主帅,直到本赛季结束。当地时间周日晚,在太阳以78-91负于小牛后,球队高层宣布炒掉主帅霍纳塞克。   执教太阳2个多赛季,霍纳塞克率队获得101胜112负。近21场比赛,太阳输掉19场,目前仅以14胜35负和森林狼并列西区倒数第二。而沃特森走马上任后的首场比赛,将是明天主场对猛龙。   现年36岁的沃特森在去年夏天接受霍纳塞克邀请,出任其助教。在12月28日2名助教杰里-西奇丁和迈克-隆加巴迪分别被解雇后,他在教练组中的地位进一步提升。上赛季,沃特森开始执教职业联赛球队,出任马刺下属NBDL球队奥斯丁马刺的主帅。   据ESPN的马克-斯特恩报道,在霍纳塞克下课后,太阳曾有意聘请队史功勋球员纳什执教,但遭到拒绝。据悉,除了沃特森,太阳还考虑过另2位助教科里-盖恩斯和奈特-比约格伦。此外,勇士球员马瑞斯-斯贝茨在接受电台采访时,力荐恩师,前勇士主帅马克-杰克逊出任太阳新主帅。据悉,斯贝茨一直为杰克逊被炒鸣不平。还有消息称,太阳也曾考虑过前主帅迈克-德安东尼。   沃特森出生于1979年6月,现年36岁。此前作为球员,沃特森曾在联盟征战13个赛季,先后效力过超音速(雷霆)、灰熊、掘金、步行者、爵士和开拓者等,大部分时间出任替补控卫。2014-15赛季开始前,沃特森宣布退役。生涯出战878场,沃特森场均得到6.4分4.4次助攻,命中率为41.1%。   另有消息称,在正式走马上任后,沃特森随即宣布聘请Klutch体育集团的里奇-保罗出任自己的经纪人。后者同时也是勒布朗-詹姆斯、特里斯坦-汤普森和约翰-沃尔等球员的经纪人。(魑魅)相关的主题文章: