Sue super media ending chaos to reproduce a serious violation of fair ball (video)

Sue: super media ending chaos to reproduce a serious violation of fair ball [report] Liaoning Hongyun 0-1 Changchun Yatai moreiro burst stoppage time countdown when the Super League lore lore Yatai hit the closing stages, there will be some of the game can be a matter of life and death before the predicted results. The same year, in the countdown to the third round of the competition, the top three teams with two wins and a draw, Baoji suspense continues. But compared to the past, this year the team avoid relegation is more "hard work", we finally three than winning result, this season’s relegation scores will probably record high. Moreover, a special lottery also wrote from the 3 relegation bets, bets does appear to be some very strange situation. Is facing the 8 billion super chaos, we still have a sigh? Yangzi Evening News reporter Zhang Hao vice monitor in Zhengzhou take away victory in the first look at the super Shijiazhuang Yongchang vice monitor, rely on Mathews, Zhao Rongheng scored in the second half, Yongchang 2:0 conquered Zhengzhou hanghai stadium, Henan Jianye season double play. Although Yongchang scored 3 points after still ranked bottom of the league, but the significance of the victory is still very important, this is Yongchang this season first away win, their last victory or defeat Yatai last August 1st 3:0. Interestingly, Yongchang has over 3 wins away, two are made in Jianye body. And as everyone knows, Jianye home court record is very good, the style of a mature team, lost to the vice monitor with two goals in the home court, on one hand, the other spirit is stronger, but the team itself is certainly a problem. After the game, fans also hold two viewpoints on the outcome of the game, Hebei marked as Shijiazhuang fans "Joe Luo G-ILIEV" wrote: "let’s ~ thanks, really kick, kick but jianye." Guangdong Shenzhen netizen "seamless w sky" wrote: "I am speechless, a crowd of people watching the game does not directly run match-fixing Jianye, several times in the post is played out? If you say is that I have nothing to say. Ha ha." Anyway, this victory let Yongchang avoid ahead of the situation left behind, the next two games, they will play against Yanbian flight and Guangzhou R & F, as long as the relegation suspense still, maybe they can win the two game winning streak. Foreign aid efforts to lose a penalty is another focus of the relegation match, Liaoning Shenyang Hongyun team lost 0:1 Changchun Yatai home court. Although the loss, but Liaoning’s foreign aid striker in the game’s performance is still very positive, they made a lot more opportunities than the opponent, but it seems bad luck. More than evil gas Liaoning fans of bad luck, perhaps is the referee’s penalty. This ball, the referee penalty around the black tiger Xiao, especially into the final stage of the game, the black tiger Xiao to Changchun Yatai a penalty, caused by the outside world strongly questioned. Yesterday, the Liaoning local media "Shenyang Evening Post" reported that the black tiger Xiao fine questioned, and with the title, "the black Xiao tiger, you are special" black "Liaozu". Back to the Liaoning team with home court Changchun Yatai team match, the referee and linesman’s, caused serious dissatisfaction with the Liaoning team in the first half, a penalty, the linesman at least two controversial.相关的主题文章: