Stupid thief burglary greedy apple left caught DNA (video)

Stupid thief burglary apple, left DNA was arrested, persistent stupid thief, all the way trailing women, only to steal his pocket mobile phone within a week, he committed two times, second times, he ate an apple in the resident home, leaving the apple core left…… Public security organs forensics, the sample extracted from the apple kernel and a suspect’s blood samples of the same genotype, and ultimately, the police arrested him with DNA technology. Recently, the procuratorate released information display, on suspicion of theft and jailed for seven months and fined the defendant. One night in the middle of June 2014, nobody lived in a residential quarter of Shenyang economic and Technological Development zone. A man from the first floor of the window open into the room, the man found two savings cans in the room, there are about 700 yuan coins and a pair of leather shoes. Later, the man continued to look for other valuable things inside. During the period, he suddenly felt thirsty, so she picked up the apples in the fruit bowl, sitting on the couch while eating at the room, then throw the apple core and dropped it on the ground. The man didn’t find anything more expensive, so he began to try on the leather shoes. Because of the wrong shoes, he threw off his leather shoes and left with about 700 yuan coins. In June 16th, when the owner returned home, he found his home stolen and immediately called the police. A week ago, the suspect Wang Shuai (alias) was arrested because of theft in a district of Fushun, the public security organs were arrested, and its DNA entered the public security organs suspect DAN library. Police again on the Shenyang economic and Technological Development Zone of a residential theft suspect DNA warehousing comparison, let the police surprise is, Wang Shuai blood samples detected D3S1358 and other 20 loci genotype and apple nuclear on the same. Subsequently, Wang Shuai was locked as a suspect in the theft of the economic and Technological Development zone. 31 year old Wang Shuai, primary school culture, there is no formal work, lack of money, he began the idea of theft. In April 25, 2016, the people’s Procuratorate of Shenyang economic and Technological Development Zone filed a complaint against the district court with Wang Shuai on suspicion of theft. In May 9th of the same year, the case was heard publicly in court, and Wang Shuai pleaded guilty in court. He confessed that he was surprised that the police had caught him with an apple core. In the end, the court of first instance ruled that Wang had committed larceny and sentenced him to seven months imprisonment and fined one thousand yuan. News extends blood hair dandruff can be extracted DNA, prosecutors said, DNA is human genetic material, each person has a unique set of DNA, DNA between people vary widely. Compared with blood and fingerprints, DNA samples are very easy to obtain. The residual saliva and oral mucosa cells, a drop of dried blood, a residual hair, even dandruff, are the raw materials for DNA. In addition, the stability of DNA is very good, even if it is already degraded DNA samples, its characteristics and the original DNA with genetic markers and there is not a fraction of difference, different, can be used as a marker for detection. The detection of DNA mark system makes the identification of evidence from individual exclusion to the same level of identification, and it will become an important means and means to solve the crime.

蠢贼入室盗窃贪吃苹果 留下DNA被抓 监拍执着蠢贼一路尾随女子 只为偷其兜内手机 一周内,他连续作案两次,第二次他在居民家中吃掉一个苹果,随手把苹果核丢下离开……公安机关多方取证,从苹果核中提取的样品和一犯罪嫌疑人的血样基因型相同,最终,警方借助DNA技术抓获了他。近日,检察院发布信息显示,被告人因涉嫌盗窃罪获刑七个月并处罚金。2014年6月中旬的一天晚上,沈阳经济技术开发区某小区一居民家中无人。一男子从一楼开着的窗户进入室内,男子在室内找到两个储蓄罐,罐内有约700元硬币和一双皮鞋。随后,男子继续在室内寻找其它值钱的东西。期间,他突然感到口渴,于是顺手拿起果盘里的苹果,坐在沙发上一边吃一边打量室内,然后随手将苹果核扔在了地上。男子没有找到更贵重的物品,于是开始试穿皮鞋。因为鞋号不合适,他丢弃了皮鞋,扛着约700元的硬币离开了。6月16日,房主回家后发现家中被盗,立即报警。一周前,犯罪嫌疑人王帅(化名)因在抚顺市某区实施盗窃被公安机关抓获归案,其DNA进入公安机关犯罪嫌疑人DAN库内。民警再次对发生在沈阳经济技术开发区某小区盗窃案的犯罪嫌疑人DNA进行入库比对,让民警惊喜的是,王帅的血样中检出的D3S1358等20个基因座基因型与苹果核上的相同。随后,王帅被锁定为经济技术开发区盗窃案的犯罪嫌疑人。31岁的王帅,小学文化,没有正式工作,手头缺钱的他便萌生了盗窃的想法。2016年4月25日,沈阳经济技术开发区人民检察院以王帅涉嫌盗窃罪向区法院提起公诉,同年5月9日此案在法院公开审理,王帅当庭认罪。他交代,自己很惊奇警方用一个苹果核就把他抓获了。最终,一审法院判决王帅犯盗窃罪,判处其有期徒刑七个月,并处罚金一千元。新闻延伸血液发丝头皮屑都可提取DNA办案检察官表示,DNA是人类的遗传物质,每个人具有一套独一无二的DNA,人与人之间的DNA千差万别。与血液和指纹相比,DNA样本非常容易获得,杯子上残留的唾液及口腔黏膜细胞、一滴已经干涸的血液、一根残留的发丝甚至只是细如尘埃的头皮屑,都是可以获得DNA的原材料。另外,DNA的稳定性非常好,即便是已经降解的DNA 样本,其特征也与原来毫无二致,并且DNA具有多种不同的遗传学标记,可以作为标记物进行检测。DNA标志系统的检测使物证鉴定从个体排除过渡到了可以作同一认定的水平,将成为破案的重要手段和途径。相关的主题文章: