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Strange Chinese University dormitory poor? The United States University dormitory how expensive – reading the Sohu Zhou Shunzi a few days ago, an article in the circle of friends turn fast, titled "why Chinese university dormitory environment than the United States one hundred years ago even worse". In view of the article, from the theoretical point of view, observer columnist Sun Wu in a few days ago in the review article has been very clear. The author in the mainland high school campus, campus university in the United States, a graduate student in Hongkong did not apply to the dormitory, also witnessed some friends to stay, three car compared to write some of my school years of experience. No money, you don’t want to live in the United States on live in the dormitory, the University gives students enough freedom of choice: to live in your own application, you don’t want it to get myself. However, want to live in or to apply early, otherwise, there may be no room — your favorite — not only live not on their own, live what level of dormitory is to decide. The school dormitory is nearly the same as for website and hotel reservation page, different Fangxing different price, you choose. Single room (Single), double room (Double), four (Triple), the world (Quad); with a kitchen, no kitchen; independent bathroom, public bathroom; with air conditioning, no air conditioning…… And so on, the United States and the hostel is not air-conditioned? Yes, some dorms are air-conditioned. Even the Iowa City is a more than and 30 degrees in summer, occasionally even more than 40 degrees of city. Fortunately, because the AI Winter Snow Village minus ten degrees, knees, no heating to the dead, the heating is provided free of charge. My little brother, his college classmate? A North Coast City, not the summer heat evil, good quiet, not happy with them and want to save money, resolutely choose the room without air conditioning. Once in June, he was like a documentary – every day sauna is a kind of experience? Live next to him is a visiting scholar at home to, the couple could not bear to let his daily sweat, struggling in the stroke edge, sent him a portable refrigerator. Little brother? So please post our shed tears of gratitude, all the friends to his home to eat three meals Hot pot, cold wind blowing from the motherland called together with my family. However, overall, the United States dormitory hardware facilities and service facilities are better than some of China’s Mainland University dormitory. There is a dormitory room, activity room, dormitory buildings with even restaurants, convenience stores, and a gym. The dormitory administrator (cross) from time to time to organize the blind (crossed out) entertainment, we also have the opportunity to meet different friends. However, after living in the school dormitory for a year, I moved out with tears in my eyes. One of the reasons for the poor. The domestic university campus on 1000 yuan a year, summer vacation is going to live without much money. The United States, I attended a public university, the cheapest no air conditioning standards between the four $4436 a year; the best independent bathroom, air-conditioned single $11611 a year. The "year" here includes only two semesters of classes and Thanksgiving, spring.相关的主题文章: