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Straight 10 cannon backing is not small: can let the driver to see who is who the life "original title: WZ -10 equipped with cannon servo backing is not small in helmet mounted sight special thanks: Ordnance technology WeChat public number binggongkeji helicopter as a modern army air assault force, in addition to the main battle weapon mounted anti tank missiles and the rocket, the equipment of guns also have a strong ability to hit, can attack ground targets, can also be used to attack enemy helicopter air combat. The background is not straight Xiaowu -10 as our first professional armed helicopters, is also equipped with a very powerful gun, and the gun backing is not small. Its origin can be traced back to the famous ZPU-4 type four installed 14.5 mm antiaircraft gun, this gun used 14.5× 115 mm shells loaded with Western 20 mm shells, so powerful. Just at that time the Soviet Union to design a low recoil for the fighter 23 mm cannon, the thought of this ammunition. The researchers will replace the 23 mm 14.5 mm projectile type projectile, and then the shell modification, later developed the highly successful 23× 115 mm shells. ZPU-4 type four famous mounted 14.5 mm antiaircraft gun projectile muzzle velocity than the old new 23× 152 mm shells decreased slightly, but the weight is reduced by half, the recoil reduced a lot. So according to the new developed HC-23 gun ammunition, weight and size are ideal control, very suitable for fighter jets, has equipped with Jacques -9, MIG -9, MIG -15 and a series of aircraft. After the development of the GSh-23 gun also continue to use this ammunition, equipment to the MIG -21 MIG -23 aircraft. The domestic 23 mm gun shells in China introduced HC-23 gun ammunition and supporting in 50s, named 23-1, for -5 67 aircraft equipped fighters. Later imitated the GSh-23 gun, named 23-2, like the F-8 annihilates -10 "owl dragon", "leopard" is used in the activities of derivatives, the characteristics of the series of gun and ammunition is very familiar with. So, in WZ -10 developed at the beginning of the argument what the gun, the researchers first thought is a 23 mm gun. The most suitable WZ -10. However, no structure continues to use the original gun, but on the basis of using chain automaton structure, develop more suitable for helicopter use 23 mm cannon chain. The energy chain gun automaton motor drive chain, driven by the gun bolt action, firing shells, shell, shell throwing, send shells into the breech action, complete the firing cycle, has the advantages of simple structure, compact size, light weight etc.. WZ -10 gun close-up WZ -10 machine guns mounted in the nose chin, used in the magazine chain for bombs, can be used in tungsten alloy penetrators, special (depleted uranium) penetrators and api-t. Part of a rotation of the rotating turret and gun barrel exposed, with a 180 degree angle, with moving to HMS, pointing to the flexible, able to use HMS rapid adjustment of shoot相关的主题文章: