Sparrow ending lift ratings ” peak ” tide Li Yifeng promise to give up reluctant

The outcome of the ratings lift " peak tidal "   Li Yifeng faith cited dismay — Hainan Channel – Li Yifeng "sparrow" line from the idol to the actor’s transformation Li Yifeng has been low-key and humble attitude is famous in the industry, as a public figure he has been trying to convey a sense of social responsibility, participating in the positive energy the film and television works, also to show the audience he served as the super idol. In addition, Li Yifeng’s sense of responsibility is also reflected in the he has always insisted on audiences and responsible attitude, therefore, the face of challenge, he never gave up acting on their own temper. In the "sparrow", Li Yifeng will be the life of their own and the role of integration, to create a hero, but also the image of ordinary people. Although Chen Shen is a hero, but there are also some little personal emotions, he will be confused, will struggle, too many times the thought of giving up, people more levels and tension that is challenging in great need, especially solid actors performing skills, well done in Li Yifeng, he will do a character through their own understanding, the perfect interpretation of the visible, Li Yifeng acting has prompted him to complete an idol to the actor’s transformation. As a fully deserve the ultra popular male god, Li Yifeng gradually to the audience to show his multi-faceted charm, both starring him are hot broadcast "Qingyun Zhi", with high volume and lead the way ratings webcast, or to obtain the award sure his wonderful acting in "old gun" in, have confirmed Li Yifeng after years of sedimentation after deep power savings. Ten years of sword, Li Yifeng every turn, with more mature attitude to show his double served on the responsibility and faith. (commissioning editor Pan Huiwen and Jiang Chengliu)相关的主题文章: